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RIDGID 1-7/8" Shop Vac Adaptor for 2-1/2"

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  • RIDGID 1-7/8" Shop Vac Adaptor for 2-1/2"


    I just wanted to pass this quick and simple fix to everyone that has a Ridgid Shop Vac with 1-7/8" hose and accessories. After a week of getting very upset with Ridgid for not have a adaptors for the 1-7/8" hose I decided to just have a look in the plumbing department. After about 20 minutes of looking at the PVC and rubber fittings I found one that worked. Best part is it cost a grand total of .42 cents.

    You can view the information here;

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    nicely done sir

    I bought the pro pack 1 7/8 and found out (no thanks to any ridgid literature online or on the box) that the intake is 2 1/2". Is that the model you have and if not is the intake different? I bought the 2 1/2 to 1 1/4" adapter hose from ridgid (like your pic) and plug the 2 1/2 end right into the intake. I had some extra 1 1/4" hose already so I have good movment and range when I hook up my dewalt sander and it works great. I tried to find a fitting in the plumbing section at HD and even asked the orange apron if they had large food grade tubing that might fit ("try a restaurant supply store") until my girlfriend threatened to leave me at the store overnight.

    Anyway, I wish I read your fix before scouring the net over the decision for hours and hours. nice pics too.
    A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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      Try this link and take your time looking around. Larger Home Depot stores have quite a selection. Take your Ridgid shop vac along and if what you just bought doesn't fit, you can return it right then and there.

      Hint: Carefully measure the inlet on the drum and then the hose adaptor for any hose(s) you are interested. I need to check the machines, but I bet they all have the same size drum opening and that all of the Ridgid (and most likely other brands) of hoses will work.

      I have done some custom adaptors myself out of PVC fittings and pipe. If you have a good lathe and a 3 jaw chuck, you can really get into making your own fancy custom fittings.


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        I have the Wall Mount Power Pak version. Which does have a 2-1/2" inlet. However that would require purchasing a 2-1/2" hose, accessories, etc. I leave my vac mounted on the wall in the garage unless I need to take it outside or in the house. The power pack version comes with 21' of hose. So instead of replacing all of the hose I just made that adapter, which works great on my table saw and miter saw. The extra 6' long 1-1/4" hose gives me a total of 27' of reach for using with hand tools or the car.


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          How about 2 1/2 in hose to 1 7/8 accessories?

          I have the reverse problem. I bought a 4x ProHose for my WD 4550 but had to return it because there is only a single 1-7/8 in connector in the kit (which screws onto the hose and is supposed to connect the hose to the vac). That leaves no connector to connect to my 1-7/8 in accessories. I just sent an email asking Ridgid customer service if they sell the connector separately, but has anyone else come up with a solution for this problem?

          (I spent quite awhile at Home Depot in the PVC pipe section and didn't find anything that'd work).