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    I have read some posts that tell of people haveing this tool.I cant seem to find it at 3 HD's by me in MI grr. I just need to know ( for now ) how much is the ridgid router and does it work well? It looks great and i really like the features that it shows.I have 2 routers now but the ridgid one puts mine to shame overall. I have 2 ryobi , one plunge handheld and one in a table.The plunge is waayy to heavy to me ( probly 12 pounds or more ) and is bulky as heck.It does a good job but the bells an whistels are lacking. The table mouted one was an impulse buy that i regret. I needed a router for my new table and since i had the ryobi plung i got ryobi fixed mount.Only good thing is my neighbor is a woodworker also and really likes the plunge, so i will probly sell it to him. That leaves me with a need of a router.

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    I purchased the R2900 in late November when it was on sale. I paid $153 for it at that time. The regular price is $199.

    I've yet to do more than just play with it, giving it a tryout on some scrap. It is very well built, great features, etc.; but I admit I'm not a veteran router user. Still, the soft start, EVS, and lighted base and fine adjustments are very nice indeed. Bases are easy to swap and the overall control and feel are very good... IMHO.

    I'm not sure what's going on with this tools as there certainly appears to be little enthusiastic support from the Ridgid/TTI. Nothing new with that, as I think Ryobi/Ridgid/TTI marketing absolutely sucks. They've come up with some very nice products that seem to find their way on to the shelves of Home Depot with little to no fanfare. Maybe it's Home Depot's fault, but whoever, it's rather shameful in my opinion.

    Here are a couple of reviews that may be helpful to you:

    One of the regular complaints I've seen on this router is that there is no edge guide available from Ridgid. The fact is, that the Porter-Cable guide carried by Home Depot, fits this perfectly. As I recall, the price for that item is around $18. Also, you may note in one of the reviews that the clear baseplates supplied, have two different sized openings around the cutters. One is compatible with the Porter-Cable guides bushings.

    Overall I think this is a pretty decent router combo. It isn't as compact as I'd like, but considering the power and other features I guess there are size limits. Two things that I would have done differently is located the power switch to a place where I could trigger it from right handle. Likewise, I think the lock-lever for the plunge is at the limit of my "thumb range". I would have rotated the lever a bit, to make it easier for my thumb to grab.

    I hope this helps,



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      I purchased this a few weeks ago and have been happy with it thus far. The in-store price in Mississippi was $169.00 at the store I was at.

      I have not used the plunge base as of yet, but will try it out as soon as I can.



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        thxs ...the links helped alot.and the input from you .now to find one in the store by me.


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          I've had it for a while now and overall its a great unit. The motor assembly is top notch. Very smooth and powerfull. Absolutely no bogging down. THe led lights are brilliant in more ways the one. They are such a nice and useful addition. I only have some minor complaints about the bases and lack of any accessories. The fixed base uses a simple c-clip to hold the adjustment rod in place and it has a slight amount of play. Normally not a big problem but if you need to do some micro adjusting and release the clamp it can shift position enough to throw your settings out of what. Can be a little frustrating when trying to do extreme precision work. I always need to make sure the weight of the router is bottomed outon the c-clip depending on the position of the router to make sure it won't drop a little when releasing the clamp to do adjustments. The plunge base is nice and smooth but I wish it had better micro adjustment and a stepped stopper like the Bosch and Dewalt models have. THe micro adjusment dial has 1/64 increments. Once again 1/128 increments would be nice for micro adjustment. The dust collection is a bit inadequate and was obviously added as an after thought. Its fragile and not terribly effective a lot of the time. My biggest complaint about it is the hose sticks straight out the back and low so it snags on clamps and anything in the way. An over the top attachment would have been a lot more ideal.