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  • Delta Belt/Disc Sander Opinion

    Anybody have an opinion on the Delta 6x48-9 inch belt/disc sander that Lowes sells? Will only be doing weekend hobby jobs.
    I was also looking at the Rikon that Woodcraft sells (currently on sell for 219), but they won't accept my 15 % off coupon from Harbor Freight and Lowes will.
    Also the folks at Woodcraft were snobbish when I mentioned Lowes/Harbor Freight. Didn't really care for that attitude.
    Anyway, any review will help. Thanks, Ron

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    What, no thoughts or opinions??


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      I don't have the Delta but I do have a 6x48"belt/12" disc/spindle sander and it is very handy.

      A general comment on any disc sander; in most cases you can only make use of close to half the diameter of the disc (because the other half is spinning in the wrong direction...away from the table), so for a 9" disc you'll have about 3.5 to maybe 4" of usable surface. And the closer you are to the center of the disc, the slower the abrasive is rotating (same RPM, but lower FPM), so that will affect performance too. Go for a larger disc size if you have the space and money for it.

      More information on Palmgren, who make many of the tools in the Craftsman tool line under contract with Sears, can be found here;

      Oh, BTW, Palmgren makes their tools here in the USA (so their website says).
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