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4-Stroke Chain Saw?

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  • 4-Stroke Chain Saw?

    Not sure where to post this question . . . but this place looked good.

    Is there such thing as a 4-stroke chain saw? Outboard motors are slowly switching from 2-stroke to 4-stroke and there are increasing numbers of snowmobiles. What about chain saws?

    Anyone know of any??
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    I'm not sure about a chain saw, but I have heard that there are weed trimmers and also back pack leaf blowers now for sale that have mini high speed 4 stroke cycle engines. You might check web sites for Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Ryobi outdoor power equipment. When I find more info, I'll try to post either web site addresses or links to them.


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      I suspect that's going to future, to reduce emissions.

      Dunno what the time frame is, though.


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        I believe Stihl is leading in that area right now. They have a line of trimmers in kind of a 2 stroke/4 stroke combo. They are very quiet.

        "Patented low emissions 4-cycle engine that uses 50:1, 2-cycle fuel-oil mix for engine lubrication, eliminating need for separate oil reservoir

        Reduced vibration

        Fuel efficient

        Powerful and lightweight

        Low maintenance"

        Looks to me like the piston still provides and intake charge, but the actual intake & exhaust flow is controlled by valves instead of ports.


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          I have an electric CS now to do light trimming around the house and garage. This Spring I may have to clear a larger area and it will be way to far for extenion cords. if I can't find a 4-stroke CS I may have to buy a generator instead.
          The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.


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            Makita Chainsaw

            Hey speaking of chain saws - I never saw a Makita chain saw until I was wandering through the rental section of a Home Depot. They look like really good chain saws but I never saw any of them for sale anywhere. Has any of you had any experience with one?


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              Here are some links that might be worth checking out regarding this subject.

              Shindaiwa cross bred engine that's interesting to read up about.

              Makita outdoor power equipment with 4 cycle engines.

              Leaf blower that has a 4 cycle engine with a crankcase. You do not mix oil with gasoline with this one.
              Owner's manual:

              Here is some about a Brush Cutter - Super Weed Trimmer with a 4 cycle engine that again runs on straight gasoline and has crankcase you put oil in.
              Owner's manual:

              Subaru - Robin Engines (Look at their "Micro" series) I think that's what is being used to power the Makita equipment. The Makita portable generators use mostly larger 4 cycle Subaru-Robin engines.

              Here is a link where you can find info on Makita chain saws.

              I can say is that their electric models are far better than the junk ones that Remington makes which are sold at Lowes and hardware stores. If I were in the market for a really good electric chain saw, I would look long and hard at the 16 inch one by Milwaukee, their model 6215. Then I would look long and hard at the Makita model UC4000 as well. I don't have much to say about Makita gasoline chain saws, but I do know that Home Depot (rental department) and a few other rental yards in my area claim they are pretty good. A friend owns the electric model 5012B 12 inch model and really likes it for home use.

              I hope others will post more links and info soon.
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                Where to buy Makita outdoor power equipment

       has loads of their products. If you're looking more for a "Power Tools Only" type of dealer, you might want to check out these.

                TylerTool -

                Tools For Less -

                In addition to the above, I'm sure there are many dealers. You might want to check here for online dealers.

                or here for local dealers, as they should be able to order what you want.


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                  The Makita chain saws are actually made by Dolmar. As far as I know, they don't make a 4-cycle CS.
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                    Re: 4-Stroke Chain Saw?

                    The reason chainsaws are 2 and not 4-cycle is because you can operate a 2-cycle at any angle. A 4-stroke needs to be kept upright so it can splash the oil pan to lubricate. As far as I know there are no efective 4-cycle chainsaws.
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                      Re: 4-Stroke Chain Saw?

                      Just curious why you won't consider 2-stroke? You sounded very decisive on this front.

                      Originally posted by Zuki View Post
                      if I can't find a 4-stroke CS I may have to buy a generator instead.


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                        Re: 4-Stroke Chain Saw?

                        Cub Cadet is making some excellent 4-stroke power tools right now. I have their 4-stroke push lawnmower, and it runs like a top. They've also come out with a great little 4-stroke weed-wacker. New item, haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Apparently, quite a little tool.