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    I'm a fairly happy Ridgid woodworker, but don't own a TS at present (BS, Jointer, & Planer). I see lots of good feedback on the TS3650 on other forums, just wondering what you folks think.

    I'm especially curious to hear about router table accessories for it & how they work out. Since I'm a garage shop, space is at a premium and a router table built into the TS would be a big plus.


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    Click on the Search feature at the top of the page and use 3650 router table as your search criteria. Fill up a big cup of Joe and start reading. HTH
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      TS feedback

      I just bought the 10'' TS you're talking about, and I couldn't be happier with it. Granted, I haven't used it that much yet, but what I've seen is great. The saw is very well constructed. The hercu-lift system is AWESOME. It's nice to have the ability to MOVE the tablesaw aside for space or reposition it for ripping large work pieces. Also, it may seem trivial, but all of the parts are REALLY well packaged and the hardware for assembly is labeled AND in blisterpacks...not just in a jumbled bag. That helps a lot during assembly. One great tip I got from another forum that I will pass along to you is, if you do purchase this saw, go to the ridgid site and download the online manual. The one that comes with the saw is too vague. The online manual shows what nuts, bolts, washers, etc.. to use for each step of assembly. The manual that comes with the saw doesn't specify any of this. I would give this saw a top rating.

      Hope this helps


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        I've had my 3650 since March and I'm lovin' every minute of it. It's my first bigtime tablesaw. There are better saws out there, but not in my price range, or that have the support of a forum like this.

        Check this thread out for the ultimate in a saw mounted router table,

        Ever since I was in Woodcraft and saw a guy buy one of them I've been thinking about it. Now one of the guys in the forum bought one. We'll have plenty of info now.
        The jury is still out on whether to replace the table wing or add it to the wing.

        There are a few reviews out there too that you can search for.