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  • Ridgid Router mount

    I am building a router table, I got the plans free on line, but I don't know how to go about finding a mounting plate or whatever they are called. I was looking at the adjustable ones, but no one at the wood show could tell me if the Ridgid would fit or not, they say will fit everyone but no mention of Ridgid Routers. Does Rigid sale them or do you know of one that works I like the ones you can adjust up top. also any advise on some good bits that don't coast as much as the router, I want to make some new cabinets?
    cost want to say thank you all for the great advice you have given me in the past I would not know what top do with out this forum so thanks to all the experts and to Ridgid.

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    Ridgid router

    MLCS has pretty good bits that are reasonable, and free shipping helps. I am no expert or anything, but I bought some bit from there to make my first set of cabinet doors. The doors were oak and the bits performed just fine. It would also be a good place to get a router plate. MLCS or Just buy a blank plate and drill the plate to match your router.


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      Thakns I will try them out. This is the best place ever fro advice and techniques, You can bet I will post pictures of my table as soon as it is done.


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        Based on several good recommendation on another forum, I recently purchased a 30-piece set at They seem to be pretty decent quality and the price was great. They are located in British Columbia and the came USPS, in about two weeks (just before Christmas).

        Also, you might want to note that the Ridgid Router is adjustable from above the table, with the T-wrench supplied. I noted in one of the reviews (I think I already posted the links to you) that althought a Porter-Cable compatible mounting plate works, the access hole for above table ajustment doesn't line up properly. You may want to order a blank plate and configer your own mounting holes.

        I hope this helps,



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          no need to even order a plate. go to a local shop and buy a piece of 3/8th inch polycarbonate (Lee Valley also sells it). I got a 8x8 piece (3/8th thick) for 5 bucks. Made a great router plate - just lined up the baseplate and drilled the holes ona drill press. Make sure you counter sink them though to avoid your workpiece getting snagged on a mounting screw.