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    I hear everybody talking about how underpowered the Ridgid BS1400 is and was wondering about motor replacement. Can't you just swap the 3/4 hp motor for a 1, 1 1/2 or 2 hp motor if all the mounting holes and pulleys line up? If so, what other mods woudl have to make?

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    A swap should be possible. Just need to make sure the RPM and duty rating are a match, in addition to the frame size.


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      Althought a motor swap should be possible, as you have seen on some of your other threads there seems to be a high possibility of needing to change/modify other parts including wheels and/or belt. In the end is it all worth it or wouldn't it just be better to buy another brand? I would probably choose the latter. Although the LSA on the Ridgid tools is nice, I don't think it would be enough to sway me in this case.
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        I would just look for a better band saw. Upgrading can get into some good $$$ fast. Why not just spend that toward a better machine in the first place?