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PALS for the 3650

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  • PALS for the 3650

    Can anyone tell me if they used a PALS kit to setup their 3650? i see on their website a reference to the US made Ridgid. I was under the impression that the newer 3650's are made in china. Can anyone clarify? I just got the saw last night and would like to order any setup tools i need today. I already have a dial caliper on the list and already own a veritas straight edge, but if there are any more tools recommended please let me know. thanks

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    The 3650 includes a cam adjuster. No need for the PALS.


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      Thanks for the speedy response.


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        A Combination Square is handy to have for setting and checking 45 and 90 degree angles and marking cut lines. Please see picture.
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          The problem with many combination squares is that they're not always very accurate. If you have something in the shop that you know is square it's a good idea to check the combination square against it every time you use it. Otherwise, you could spring for a good one.
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