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safe replacement switch for a table saw

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  • safe replacement switch for a table saw

    I have a Delta contractor's style table saw. This saw has that awful small toggle power switch on the lower right side..I'm sure many of you are familiar with this unit.

    I am left handed, and that switch is just plain UNSAFE!

    I am looking at installing a new switch on the left side but I'm at a loss here.

    I understand the value of the magnetic type switch. I looked at the Delta 34-278 switch kit upgrade about $50.00. I also looked at the Bench Dog pwr400 Power Loc switch about $50.00. Both of these switches seem a good deal yet neither are the magnetic style. Any users of these switches and comments please.

    I have only seen very expensive 240v single and three phase magnetic push button switch assemblies..I am looking for a 120vac 15amp switch that won't require a second mortgage!

    I am also considering getting the Jet table saw switch but at this time I do not know what the cost is.

    I'd appreciate some advice from folks that have made their saw's power on/off switch safer.


    Cactus Man

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    You'll need a switch with a horse power rating at 125 Volts of the same or greater than your motor. I'm pretty sure you won't need a push putton switch and a magnetic starter for your saw. That's where you will get into big $$$ and some fancy wiring. If you have any good woodworking machinery dealers that do servicing work, you would do well to contact them. Give them the model of your saw, motor specs and tell them you're running it setup for 120 Volt single phase power. If you have 240 Volt power nearby, you would do well to rewire the motor and install the proper plug on your power cord. This is provided your motor is a 120/240 Volt motor. I have seen push botton switches made by Cutler-Hammer used on drill presses that would be great for you, but I'm still trying to find good info on them. Check back in a day or so as I'll post what I can find. Your idea of the Delta or Powermatic switch upgrade seems good. Make sure it has a steel enclosure so you can mount it and do your hookup without too much work on your part.