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Newbie in need of Table Saw Advice

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  • Newbie in need of Table Saw Advice

    I'm in the market for my first table, I have an opportunity to get a used Ridgid TS3612, from the photos it seems to be in great condition and the asking price is $300.

    Is this a fair price? And what should I look for when I go see it?


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    Hi, welcome to the Ridgid forum.

    Try using the search feature and search on TS-3612 or the 2424, they are pretty much the same saw.

    You're gonna want to look at the general condition of the saw of course but also if possible you want to hear it run. If you are not the knowledgeable about table saws then try to get a bud who is to tag along with you.

    When you are searching note some of the simple alignment tricks that can be done with no fancy equipment. Try cross-cutting a board about 6 inches wide then flip one half over so the freshly cut edges are still facing each other and see if they face up squarely. If its off it means you'll need to do an alignment at the least.

    Look it over for signs of abuse or poor maintenance. A TS covered with rust probably has not seen much TLC. Lay a good straight edge across the table and extension wings and see if they are true or need realignment. What condition is the belt? Where's the blade guard/splitter? Some guys toss them because they don't use them, but if you are just starting out you NEED this piece of safety equipment.

    I am sure some of the other guys will chime in with stuff to check for.

    I would try to get the saw for less than the $300 asking price, that to me is a bit high seeing as this model is at least 4 years old.
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      $250 seems "more" fair, but I guess it depends on who's side you ponder! Does it include any extras like a dado, good blade, aftermarket miter gauge, ZCI's etc.?


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        check all the moving parts also. see if they stick in any way.raise /lower the blade and tilt it back /forth. check the plug cord for wear an tear.any gouge marks in the fence? do the cross-cut idea also. make sure EVERY part that came with it is there.( including the yellow safety key )good luck and welcome to the boards.


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          The 3612 is the last of the "Built In USA" TS's that Ridge/Emerson offered before turning over production to OWT/TTI. If you can get it for under $300 all the better but I'd seriously consider paying the $300 if the guy won't budge. I own a 3612 so I'll admit that my opinion is probably very one sided but IMO the 3612 is a better built saw than the current 3650.
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            3612 is a great first saw

            if somebody didn't already make note - make sure you get manual and parts diagram/list


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              I have a TS2412 and wish it were a 3612. If the saw is in good shape and comes with a Herc-U-Lift, I would buy it. The saw is guaranteed for life, based on its serial number as it predates the Ridgid LSA program. There may be an original owner issue, but I have found Ridgid to be very accomodating in trying to satisfy the owners of their products.
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                Thanks for all the advice, I found a lot of good information on the forum and also printed a copy of the manual.

                I'm gonna look at the saw on Saturday, if it works out I'll be making sawdust this weekend.