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Miter Saws: Ridgid Vs. Hitachi?

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  • Miter Saws: Ridgid Vs. Hitachi?


    I'm in the market for a 10" miter saw for general home use.

    I've been looking at the following:

    Hitachi C10FCH (149.99)

    Ridgid MS1065LZ (198.00)

    Both are laser versions and the Hitachi has a fixed laser while the Ridgid has it mounted on the arbor. The Ridgid has a few extra items like extended left side table and sliding fence.

    On the other hand I did see a Ridgid miter saw (Same as above) and finish nailer como (R250FS) for 199.00?

    Any opinions on these two saws?



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    I bought the ridgid 10" mitre saw a little over a year ago (I too got the combo with the 16ga. finish nailer). I absolutly love the saw. The nailer aint bad either.

    I also bought a Dewalt DW718? 12" sliding compound mitre saw. I use the 10" much more than I do the 12.

    I also got the MSUV for the 10" when it was on sale for $99.00 and its the best $100.00 I have spent in my shop.

    As far as the laser goes, I do not use mine and its off. I have heard of a way to adjust it, but I never bothered.

    I have used a hitachi before and have no quams about it, but have never owned one.

    Not sure if this helps or not, but with the nail gun, its a hard deal to pass up.



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      Thanks for the reply,

      Anything you don't like about your 10" Ridgid or would like to see changed? I have read that they are quite loud? Any comments?

      The Nailer does make it a very good deal but I noticed it does not come with a case for the nailer? Any idea on where to get one?

      What is an MSUV?




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        This link should show you what the MSUV is about. Think of it like a super handy stand for your miter saw. Very clever thinking if you ask me.

        Hint: Think of a super handy stand for it on wheels. If the miter saw will only be used inside your workshop then you might not need/want this item. For job site use you'll love having one.


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          I really cant say there is anything I dont like about the saw. The grip took a little getting used to , but thats a small issue.

          As far as the noise level, I have never had a quiet one, but this one is no more loud than the others I have owned.

          I do not know where you can get a case for the nail gun, I personally do not use most of the cases that are included with tools I buy. I use them so often that is is not worth the effort to put in the case. However, if i were to take them to jobsites everyday, I would want a case.

          See the link in the post by Woussko, Like I said its the best $100.00 I ever spent in my shop. Not sure if you can still get one at that price or not, I have seen them recently go for anywhere from $150.00-$200.00.




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            I bought a bosch 3915 10" CSMS at HD a few years back. Its a great tool - very versatile as it cuts up to 12" wide material. I was impressed with the features for the price range.


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              For whatever this may be worth do any of you remember the Delta SawBuck? While not everything that a good sliiding compound miter saw with the MSUV is, I think it was what inspired the idea for this. The SawBuck as best as I remember, was about like a sliding compound miter saw attached to a junior version of the miter saw U V of today. I think it could only cut the thickness of 2 by lumber and had around an 8 inch blade. I wish I had a picture of one. Do any of you have any pics or info? I haven't seen one of them for 15 years if not longer.
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                I purchased the Ridgid "Finish Carpenter's Combo" last year about this time. It included the 10-inch CMS and the 16 ga Straight Finish Nailer. Both are terrific tools.

                I don't see (or maybe that's "hear"), that the Miter Saw is any louder than any of the others that I have heard, but I have to admit that I'm not hanging around any job sites either.

                As previously mentioned, I found the handle/trigger a little awkward at first but I'm now used to it. IMO, the laser is at best only a slight reference, as the blade cuts about a 1/16 or so to the right of the line. There is no adjustment that I can see.

                I don't use that cast aluminum extension on the left side of the saw. It's so little "extra", I really don't know why they bothered. I use my CMS with the Ryobi miter saw stand. I have to use a plywood base to adapt to the Ryobi's parallel mounting brackets, but it's really not a big deal.

                I've used the CMS quit a bit and find no issues with it. The supplied blade cuts clean and surprisingly smooth. No kickback problems and the brake stops the blade quickly. No alignment problems or adjustments either... everything was perfect right out of the box.

                I hope this helps,