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Ridgid Jointer in Canada?

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  • Ridgid Jointer in Canada?

    After all the reviews that I've read, I've finally decided on buying the Ridgid Jointer. The HD website in Canada no longer lists it, and it wasn't available at the store that I went to. Does anyone know if this is still available in Canada?

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    There is one in all the local HD's here. they are floor models though, not sure if they continue to order them or not (they are in bad shape too, rusted tops, deep gouges, misassembled).


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      Have you checked out; or
      Both are readily availble in Canada, parts also. I haven't seen a rigid jointer anywhere.

      I have a King Canada 6" jointer(it's a Delta knock off). Well built, good castings, and easy to set up.

      Also try here,
      you may find one used.

      Best regards, Barry


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        Thanks for the info. I'm not married to the idea of getting a Ridgid one, in fact, most of the reason I was tempted by it was by the thought of its availability. I know Delta makes one for about the same price as well.

        Any idea what retailers in Canada sell King equipment? I'm interested in looking at that one too but the website doesn't list the dealers properly.


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          King Canada

          I bought my Jointer in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island.
          Local Tool Dealer

          Not much help as your in Alberta, but I'd send King Canada an e-mail to ask about dealers. Also check out Costco as I've seen some King Canada products in their stores.

          Best Regards, Barry


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            Re: Ridgid Jointer in Canada?

            Black forest Wood Products In Calgary carries the King line of Tools. I have the King KC70FX 6" jointer from them. It is the model with the Parrallelogram tables, 1.5 HP motor and Magnetic switch. I really like the jointer and highly recommend it. It was $699.00 Can.