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  • Greetings and a Question

    Hello all I am new to the Forum have been lurking for quite awhile and finally decided to say hello. Just bought a TS3650 before Chrsitmas and love it. I am fairly new to woodworking picked it up about 4 months ago and am addicted. Started into it after returning from Iraq and it was a great way to take my mind off of things. Finally got around to er (noticed the LSA) I bought the TS and a Ridgid router and a shop-vac from Home Despot. Problem I have is I didnt notice anything about the UPC code and space being limited in the shop tossed the boxes out after making sure everything was functional. So am I outa luck on the LSA? Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks and greetings.

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    Thats the same thing I did. I bought them on a thursday and tossed the boxes friday morning because it was trash day.
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      Hey guys, first thing I'd like to say is, Thanks for your sacrifices for our country and thank God you made it back.

      Same thing happened to me; LOML got me one before Christmas, put it together, gave 'er a few test runs, threw everything away and a week later remembered about registering it.

      Go to Ridgid's web site and register. There is a link to email Customer Service. Send them an email explaining the situation. The following is the response I received from them the very next day. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

      RIDGID Response: (12/26/2006 01:38)

      For the limited lifetime service agreement, mail in your original purchase receipt with a note indicating the UPC label is not available. Also include your E-mail address, tool model and serial number, and reference our E-box E-mail communication in support request ID######## in the note. Once the registration group receives the original purchase receipt and note, they will contact me for approval and your tools status in your E-box will be changed to reflect the limited lifetime service agreement, and your confirmation code will be mailed to you.

      Keep a copy of the purchase receipt for your records.

      Best regards,

      Leiza D.
      Consumer Response
      One World Technologies, Inc.


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        Thank you

        Wow thanks will definatly give that a try. Now to find where the wife hide the receipt !!!


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          Hah!! Yeah, know what 'ya mean. Been there too!


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            If you paid for it with credit or debit, the HD you bought it at may be able to pull up a duplicate receipt out of their records. If customer service won't help, try asking the store manager. I would then put in a cover letter explaining everything, including why you were unaware of the LSA requirements and that your mind was a bit preoccuppied due to your recent experiences. Above all, tho, be nice in the letter and try to keep it all to one page. A letter that explains things sure helps the person opening the mail get it to the right person.
            When I sent mine in, I sent a short letter saying i had purchased (Model # ), (Tool name ie Table Saw), (Serial # ) purchased at (Store and location) on (date) and was applying for the Lifetime Service Agreement. In my case I had the UPC and receipt and mentioned that it was included. It only took 2 weeks for it to show up on the computer list, but it took two more months to get the card.
            In your case I would mention you included the receipt, but had thrown out the box with the UPC because you were on short leave after returning from Iraq, and were wanting to get to using the great saw, and noticed the LSA requirements later.

            Just a thought

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