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Ridgid 24voltXLI charger Question??

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  • Ridgid 24voltXLI charger Question??

    I have a 24volt Ridgid combo kit and I just love it, but I have a question about the charger. I have had the combo since Christmas, have cycled the batteries a few times with no problems, they ran the same time when I tested the batts. by running them in my planer under no load, which was 18 min. Well today I used battery #1 in my flashlight for about 2 hours which brought the charge indicator to three bars, and I used battery #2 in my recip saw to cut a couple of pipes and it still had four bars when I was done. So I get my charger out after a couple of hours after using the tools and place battery #1 in the charger, all is normal, then after about ten minutes I look at the charger and the red and green lights are flashing alternatley indicating a defective battery. So I pull it out of the charger and put it back in and the red light comes on for about five seconds and the red and green light start flashing again. So I pull the battery out and push the charge indicator button and it indicates the battery is fully charged, so I put the battery back in the charger again and the charger does the same thing again. So I put battery #2 in the charger and it charges for about ten minutes and goes to green, meaning it's fully charged. I get home later that day and put Battery #1 back in the charger again to see what it does. Well this time it charges for about ten minutes and the charger light goes green. The battery was at room temp all day and was not run heavly, it had been a week since I used them though but that shouldn't make a difference. I just want to know if anyone has had any similar experiences like this.
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    Re: Ridgid 24voltXLI charger Question??

    I have had no problems like that. But it seems that many people have had problems with deffective batteries. I would try to run them through the a full cycle and see if that makes them better or worse. If not contact ridgid about replacing it. Here in Atlanta we have a place you can just take the stuff and they can test it and replace it if it is bad.