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Ridgid R2600 Orbital Sander Just Died

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  • Ridgid R2600 Orbital Sander Just Died

    We were using the sander for an extend period in a vertical position to sand baseboard trim to prepare it to be painted. After about an hour, the motor ran slower and slower and then just died. The power plug indicated it was getting power, but there was no response from the switch, not even a faint hum.

    We bought this sander sometime in 2004 and had used it quite a bit. We even used it to refinish the hardwood floor in a bedroom. It works so much faster than the small Black and Decker sander we also have.

    It has a 3-year warranty but I failed to register it and can't find my receipt. So no warranty for me! It was manufactured in Jan 2004 but we probably didn't purchase it from Home Depot until summer of 2004. So be sure to keep your receipt!

    A couple days later, I tried it again and now it sounds fine. Any ideas on what we did wrong. Did we run it on its side too long? Run it without a cool-down rest too long? Does it have an over-heating circuit breaker? I tried to download the user guide from this website, but the link isn't working.

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    Re: Ridgid R2600 Orbital Sander Just Died

    sounds like use get alot of use out of it and it may be getting tired but i would check to make sur the brushes are in good shape and there are no shorts/breaks in the power cord but it sounds like you have alot of hours on the sander witch means the brushes could be getting weak
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      Re: Ridgid R2600 Orbital Sander Just Died


      If you want the parts list for it, PM me your E-mail address and I'll send it to you as a PDF file. It might help you with fixing it up. OSC has a good idea in that you should check the carbon brushes. If you can, blow out the brush holders with some compressed air before putting in new or the old ones. Being that you use your sander a lot, maybe it's time to think about a nice new one and keep the one you have for nasty work. Just a thought.

      PS I can't get anywhere in trying to download the owner's manual, but I was able to download the parts list for it.


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        Re: Ridgid R2600 Orbital Sander Just Died

        It is possible your brushes are dirty and not making contact. Another possibility is the lower bearing is dirty and not turning freely that is the main failure for sanders as it over heats the brushes stick and will no longer run. It is also possible continued running damaged your aramture, as far as the wtty the units are date coded as long as it is within 3 years wtty should not be a problem, you do not have to register for the original wtty. The date code is a 5 digit number that starts with a letter normally it looks like g0430. being the 30th week of 2004.


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          Re: Ridgid R2600 Orbital Sander Just Died

          Thanks for all the great ideas!

          I especially like the idea of getting a new one and saving the old one for gritty work or when both my husband and I want to sand at the same time. The Operator's Manual has instructions on how to change the brush assemblies that look pretty easy. I checked Rigid's parts online and the brush assemblies are only $4.25 each with shipping of $8. So for about $16 I could probably have it running if it quits again. But I will inspect the brushes before ordering.

          I downloaded the Operator's Manual today with no problems. It looks like someone fixed the link. It's the same as the paper copy that came with the sander but it's nice to have it on my computer.