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Lifetime Battery Warranty ???

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  • Lifetime Battery Warranty ???

    Around xmas time I was told by someone that Ridgid had a Lifetime Battery Replacement Program that you can register for if you buy a cordless drill. I can’t find it on the Ridgid website and was wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this? Can someone let me know if the program still exists?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Lifetime Battery Warranty ???

    When I registered my tools there was a space to type in the battery serial number as well. That registers your battery. And yes there is Lifetime Service Agreement on them. Don't confuse the service agreement with a warranty.


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      Re: Lifetime Battery Warranty ???

      Go here:

      and if you haven't set yourself up yet, you need to create your e-box. Then fill in all info it asks for on your new tool(s). It will then give you the address you will need to send a copy of your reciept and the UPC code off the box to complete the registration.
      Still enjoying all 10 fingers!