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  • Ridgid shop vac

    Not certain if this is the correct place to post, but here goes. I just purchased the Ridgid 12 gal 5 hp vac. Is there not a dust collection bag that will fit inside this model? Also, my old Shop vac brand vaccum had a paper filter that fit over the pleated filter for additional filtering. Does Ridgid offer anything of that nature. I use my vac for dust control with my TS. The bags are very beneficial when it comes to clean up!

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    Re: Ridgid shop vac


    Try to use the paper disk like you used with your ShopVac brand vac over the Ridgid filter. A jumbo size rubber band should keep it in place. As for paper collection bags, Ridgid is behind with such, but these may work for you. They claim you can hand wash them and then hang them up to dry. I've never tried it, but it may work. Again, you'll need a big rubber band or some string to keep them in place.

    I know Ridgid people won't like this, but I personally got angry with my Ridgid vac, sold it cheap and went for one of the real ShopVac models that's in their industrial line. Such doesn't come cheap, but they are pretty nice machines once you pick the right model for your needs and get the right accessories. I also like that ShopVac, Corp. sells accessories directly to customers. Loads of them and not just a few things.
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      Re: Ridgid shop vac

      I'm in the market for a shopvac at the moment, and as much as I usually love Ridgid I think Im leaning away from them on this one.
      While doing some recon at HomeDepot today, I did see that there are Ridgid brand dust bags to go inside of their shop vacs. They also have a nice selection of filters, comparable to the ones offered by Shopvac brands. The only problem is that they're way more expensive.
      The Ridgid bags are $15.00 for two bags (for the larger 12 and up gallon models) while the ones that fit Shopvacs are $12.00 for three bags.
      All of the replacement filters for the Ridgid vacs are $5 to $7 more expensive than their Shopvac counterparts too...
      Does anyone else find it amusing that the word Ridgid isn't recognized as a word by the spell checker here on the Ridgid Forum???


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        Re: Ridgid shop vac

        At Loews they have ShopVac brand bags for that brand in the 10-14 gallon size at $10.93 per pack of 3 for the basic grade and $13.47 per pack of 2 for the yellow bags which are good for drywall and other very fine dust. I wonder if the Ridgid bags are shaped so they hold more dirt. The shopVac brand are C shaped and go to each side of the filter. Another place to look for accessories, bags and filters for Ridgid brand vacs is Sears. A good many Craftsman models are made under contract. The problem is being sure of which will fit what model under the Ridgid name. If you can find a Craftsman that's very close to your Ridgid, that would help big time.

        Anyone in the market to buy a shop vac would do well to check around. There are so many models to pick from. Some are pretty junky and others are pretty good.

        I do like that ShopVac sells directly from their web site when it comes to accessories, bags and filters. It pays to price them at dealers as normally you can find better prices, but if you can't find what you need, it's nice to be able to buy direct. Most of their accessories that attach to a hose can be used with most other brands. I have used some Ridgid attachments with ShopVac vacs.


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          Re: Ridgid shop vac

          Paper dirt collection bags for Ridgid shop vacs. Try the link and work your way to the bottom. They show 2 sizes and list the models they fit. I really do think that Ridgid needs to get a bit more serious with this and make them for all their models. I would like to see high quality filters that are easy to wash out too. ShopVac's blue filters are really nice, but then aren't made for Ridgid machines.

          I hope this is helpful.