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  • router VS router

    I am going to be in market within a month or 2 at best for a new router. I know this is the ridgid site but i need any input please. I hear good/bad things from all kinds of routers. With the ridgid not being up to par with dust collection compared to others I am reluctent to buy that one.
    I want :
    fixed/plunge capabilities. ( i have one of each now, i want the combo effect)
    the lighter the better ( i have one now that is heavy and bulky)
    good or wow , dust collection ( mine has no DC )
    2+ hp ( it is 2+ HP )
    both collect sizes ( has both sizes )
    through the table adjustment ( do not have this )

    I am looking at the ridgid and dewalt 618 or 718 combo router?? ( cant remember )

    I am looking for input from yall please. I would like to know about other routers and how you like them and why. I have been researching for 3 months and been to stores to get the feel of many routers. Now it's time for customer feedback . Please give feedback on : Ridgid.. Dewalt..Porter Cable..
    Any and all input will be helpful, because this forum site is not a salesman rather it can be " frank" about products. Thxs in advance guys ...and gals.

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    Re: router VS router

    For hand held use of a router, one feature that I would look for is how easy is it to reach the on/off switch. I own the PC 693PK and although I like this combo unit very much I find the location of the on/off switch not very user friendly for me. People have different sized hands so you should really dry fire a few to see which model suits you best.
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      Re: router VS router

      i recently had this debate myself, I was really looking into the Porter Cable multi base router, but I ended up going with the Craftsman 2 Hp 10 Amp digital plunge router. This thing is great, and has everything i was looking for. The power switch is conveniently placed where your right thumb can easily turn it on and off while keeping both hands on the router, unlike most other routers, this being the main selling point for me. It has a much lower center of gravity than most other routers like Ridgid and Porter Cable, which makes it alot easier to control. It has 1/2 and 1/4 collet sizes. Has a tube for dust collection, Very comfortable to use, and the best part is it's digital for precision. Also the plunge action is very smooth compaired to the Ryobi plunge router which i originally bought, then returned. I spent a while debating between plunge and fixed bases, and i think plunge is the only way to go. If you need a fixed base, you can just lock down the plunge router and use it as a fixed one. And for about $130 you can't go wrong, i am very happy with this purchase.

      Here's the link to the page, or look up Craftsman model #17517


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        Re: router VS router

        get the dewalt dw618b3 you can use the plunge base and dhandle base for handheld work and put the regular base in a router table


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          Re: router VS router

          I have the Freud FT1700. It has above the table adjustments and bit changes. It does not come with a plunge base, but you can buy one.
          I saw one on craigslist with a porter cable dovetail jig for a good price. If you are interested, let me know.


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            Re: router VS router

            I have the Ridgid and I haven't had any problems or inconveniences with it. The soft start is nice and doesn't result in any jerking or surprises. The LED lights on the bottom are handy if you work inside, not very useful if outside though. The top of the motor is flat as well so that you can turn it upside down when not in use. Pretty handy. While I have heard complaints about the on/off switch it doesn't seem to bother me much that it is on the top of the unit and I was used to having one on the handle as well. The soft start seems to remedy that problem. But that is all just my opinion. Like we all tend to say, you are just going to have to try them out for yourself and decide what you like. But I took six months to decide and I bought the Ridgid. . . .



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              Re: router VS router

              Back in Dec-2005 I bought the Bosch 1617EVSPK Combo pack. I've been very pleased with the performance of the router, and quite impressed with Bosch's customer service. I was also looking at the comparable Porter Cable router (895, I think it was?), but two things pushed me towards the Bosch:

              (1) Porter Cable had been bought out by Black And Decker, and it was not clear to me [yet] if that was a good or bad thing.

              (2) A standard ¼" rod (for jigs) fits on Bosch router bases, but the PC bases use an oddball (less than ¼") size rod. This may sound like a trivial issue to some folks, but I saw it as a lack in product development by PC. During my researching which router to buy, I had seen several homemade router jigs that I will probably eventually want to make. Since standard ¼" aluminum rods are readily available in hardware stores, and I could not find a rod that fit the PC in the aluminum rod section of the hardware store I was comparing routers, I concluded that making a jig to fit the Bosch would be easier than to fit the PC.

              I have not regretted that I chose the Bosch.

              - djb
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                Re: router VS router

                I have the PC 894 fixed-base (router table mounted) and a DeWalt 618.

                In the PC, it's great for height adjustment through the table, as well as changing bits while mounted in the table. Power switch placement is rotten for freehand use. Right now, however, the PC is got to go into the shop for some fixes. The pin that locks the collet for bit replacement sheared. Since that sheared, I had the router on top of the table to change a bit, then had to move the table out of the way. Well, the router fell off the table and onto the concrete floor and sheared a really important screw. So, it's got to go in the mail off to B&D repair. What I hear is they're great people to work with, and so far the experience with them has been positive. We'll see what happens when they actually start to work on the router.

                The Dewalt has a great on-the-handle power switch and the plunge mechanism is very nice. It uses proprietary-sized rods for attachments, though. It does have a great way of pulling sawdust out. Their method of using one of the plunge tubes as a suction tube for sawdust removal is really ingenious. It doesn't sit flat for bit changes, though. The switch placement on the DeWalt means it's absolutely no good for table mounting. While it's a dream to use freehand, you just can not mount it under a table.

                I'm tempted to give the Ridgid a go, but I just can't justify the expense of yet another router right now. About the only thing I could justify (personally) at this point is a laminate router. It'd be nice to have a light-weight, hand-held router.
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                  Re: router VS router

                  I recently purchased the Bosch 1617EVSPK combination and love it. I purchased it on Amazon and it included a micro adjustable edge guide. It has the features that you listed.

                  fixed/plunge capabilities.
                  good dust collection for both bases
                  2+ hp
                  both collet sizes, 1/4" and 1/2" and can get other sizes from Bosch or on line
                  through the table adjustment on the fixed base

                  I am just finishing a router addition for my 3650 to hold the router (pics when done)

                  Bosch has their own standard for guide bushings so I also purchased an adapter for PC style guides. These fit my old B&D base. (I also made a 1/4" plexiglass base for my HF trim router to fit PC style bushings).