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Fence Accuracy on the 3650

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  • Fence Accuracy on the 3650

    I've got the TS3650 and I've been using it for about 2 years with good results but I have an issue with the rip fence. I've adjusted the fence rip width indicator to be dead on and it is very accurate above 30 inches. When I then try to rip something 4 or 5 inches wide, it's off by as much as 1/8". So I recalibrate it with a small width cut of 4 or 5 inches and test it and it's dead on for the small width cuts - then I cut a 30 inch wide board and it's off by, you guessed it, 1/8". Could the measuring tape itself be out of whack? Is the fence not parallel to the blade? I bought this saw partially because of the fence's design and I'd like to not entertain the idea of upgrading to an aftermarket fence. Any ideas?

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    Re: Fence Accuracy on the 3650

    What if you put a known good tape measure on the tape on the rail and verify? I would imagine if the tape on the saw was off by that much it would be noticeable then? I have read of others being a very slight off, but more like 1/128th or even less and not 1/8". A few have even bought an aftermarket tape and replaced the one on the saw.
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      Re: Fence Accuracy on the 3650

      Double check and make sure that the 7-1/8" mark on the tape measure is positioned at the RH side of the saws top where the table and the extension wing come together.
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        Re: Fence Accuracy on the 3650

        Be sure the rails are parallel to each other horizontally and are parallel to the table top vertically. Also, have you checked the wings for squareness?


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          Re: Fence Accuracy on the 3650

          Sorry for asking what might be a dumb question for some ,but i have just got to know. Since i joined this board (2 days ago) i've been reading all the threads on the 3650 and related subjects as i'm about to buy one. So far i've seen this "mystical figure" of 1/128th mentioned on about three or four different threads. I work in thousandths of an inch and sometimes ten thousandths of an inch every day and i've never, in over 40 years ever heard of 1/128th (.0078) as a measurement .I've never seen a tape measure or a scale that had that division on it. Have i been missing something all these years or what?

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            Re: Fence Accuracy on the 3650


            I just took a good look in my L.S. Starrett catalog in the section for rules. I sure can't find the 1/128 inch either. They do have them with lines every 1/100 and 1/50 and down to 1/64 but not 1/128. That's splitting hairs on a rule. Now for a micrometer every good one I've seen is done in decimal and not fraction. I wonder is they mean 12/8 which would be another way to say 1-1/2. Some wood is at 5/4 inch thickness. I'm sure you already know all of this stuff. I just wanted you to know that I've wondered about the 1/128 that I see too.

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