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wood pick up bed?

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    Re: wood pick up bed?

    Splintering really is not a concern. The original wood might have been white oak, but this will be a custom truck. Other choices for light woods would be figured maples like birdeye, but that would cost quite a bit more than an oak. A guy on another forum just finished a 60s truck. He even trimmed out the dash gauges with wood.
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      Re: wood pick up bed?

      Nice truck...I built a 52 Chevy with a 350 (4 bolt main) turbo 400 automatic trans and posi rear diff. One thing you will have to work out going to a V8 is your steering. I had two universal joints in my steering linkage trying to get around the engine. NOT GOOD! If you can swing it, I would also go with a front suspension clip from a Chevelle or Nova or will be MUCH better than the straight front axle. It would also get you coil springs, disc brakes, motor mounts, steering and the 5 lug both pattern (to match your rear diff which you will probably change). I always wanted to get one of those tube frames for my truck but could never swing it. My drive train had so much torque it would lift the left front wheel off the ground when I took off...that old frame could not handle all that horsepower.

      As for the bed, I used oak. Hard as a rock.


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        Re: wood pick up bed?

        Well, this is my first post on this board, so here goes my 02 centavos.

        For ease of maintenance and because you say it ain't gonna be a show truck,
        do not, i repeat, do not use a varnish or varethane, clear lacquer or any other hard sealer type finish on the bed wood . The sun (especially in the south) will eventually blister and peel and you'll regret ever using it. I would use only oil or water proofing, preservative type products like Thompsons or similar finishes. Reapply once a year and it'll always look good.

        Ask me how i know..............Love those old round nose Chevys.
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          Re: wood pick up bed?

          W-B has a good point and one to follow. If $$$ is a factor just be sure the wood is good and dry. Then mix up some raw linseed oil and add in a bit of turpentine. Now give the wood several good coats and let it soak it up. As long as it soaks it up, keep putting on more. This is before you assemble the wood to the truck. Yes, it will stink and final coats take time to dry. Remember to do all you can to get water out and keep it out of the wood.

          The mix I recommend is about 1 turp to 4 or 5 oil. As a final coat just pure raw linseed oil. Then every year in the spring clean it up and dry it and put on another coat or two. The idea is to totally clog up the pores of the wood so water won't get in. Water Seal is an idea, but the oil looks real nice.

          Please try things on some scraps of oak first.