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Best Way to line up the 3650

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  • Best Way to line up the 3650

    I know that we have discussed this some but I want to know some suggestions on how to true up my blade on the 3650. I don't have any high tech equipment to assure parallel to the .001s but I seem to be getting some kick back on larger pieces of stock when I run them through the saw. Can anyone provide any suggestions on how to make sure the blade is straight and adjust if needed?

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Best Way to line up the 3650

    The information provided in your Owners Manual is the best low tech method for setting up your saw. I'd revisit that to make sure all is as it should be.

    Please don't take this as criticism but in many cases kickback is caused by operator error.
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      Re: Best Way to line up the 3650

      No offense taken. I have thought of that myself and been careful to try and avoid that. I thought about taking a straight edge and placing that against the blade and comparing the front and back of the fence to see if there was any difference. Does that sound too primitive or would that be effective?


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        Re: Best Way to line up the 3650

        Other possibility is that it is the wood. Pent up stress within the wood could be causing the kerf to close up behind the blade.

        I had a piece of oak last week I was ripping and the darn thing clamped down tight on the balde. I had to shut down the saw then drive a thin wedge in behind the balde to get it off w/o worrying about damaging the balde.

        This piece of rough sawn lumber came from a large red oak that was felled by a storm. Since the tree came down with all its branches intact when it hit the ground the center portion of hte trunk did not contact the ground and lateral force was applied to the trunk. When we were cutting the truck up into boards with the bandmill we saw evidence of this. There were cracks inside the logs that there were no indication of on the exterior.

        When I have run across boards cut from this section of the truck I have to watch out for thes 'stressed out' boards.
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          Re: Best Way to line up the 3650

          The stressed wood is most likely the problem. Another possibility is that your splitter is not vertical. If the top is sticking out past the teeth of the blade on either side, it could be forcing the thicker wood over where the rising (rear) teeth of the blade are catching it. If it is tilted toward the fence, it will bind and give the kick-back worse. If the wood is warped, it also will cause the problem as the twist in the board will cause the angle of the cut to change as you push it in, binding the already cut edge into the side of the blade.

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