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  • Waiting to buy until...

    In case anyone from Ridgid scans this forum... I really want to switch from my current Dewalt cordless tools that are on their last legs, to Ridgid tools, but these are the questions I need answered before buying any Ridgid cordless tools. Hopefully the answers will come before another brand entices me...

    1) When will the 18V lithium batts be out?
    2) Will you have ONE dual charger that will handle ANY Ridgid battery... any voltage and any type (LI or Nicad).
    3) Will there be a new 24V set or MaxSelect set since the old one seems to be gone?
    4) Will the MaxSelect tools accept the new 18V lithiums?

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    Re: Waiting to buy until...

    The answer to numbers three and four are yes. I'll see what I can learn from the product development team while at the Builder Show in Orlando this week. If I come up with anything I can post I'll update this next week. We'll be doing interviews at the booth that will be uploaded on each day. You may find some value there that will help in your research.


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      Re: Waiting to buy until...

      If the answer to question 3 is yes. Does that mean a different(new) 24v set is coming or "more" on the way?