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  • Impact Driver ???

    So why did the 14.4 Impact Driver drop in price at hd? to $150 from 250?

    any way I pick one up and it only came with 1 battery?
    I have the 14.4 drill and notice that the battery from it are bigger?
    are they just old stock?
    I did notice that it breaks a lot of bits or if its just me?
    so far its not too much diff from the bosch Impact Driver
    the handle does have a little more flex then i would like

    what do u guys think of this Impact Driver ?
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    Re: Impact Driver ???

    I don't own one (Ridgid brand) so I can't say about the power tool, but do you mean that you're breaking the "Power Bits" (see picture) or are you busting off screw heads with it?
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      Re: Impact Driver ???

      I bought a "combo" last year that consisted of the 14.4 Impact Driver and the 3/8-inch VS Drill/Driver. These were my first "cordless" tools and I've used them a heck of lot since than on an old house remodel, deck, flooring, etc., etc. The drill/driver gets the most use from me, but I'm impressed with both tools.

      I don't ever recall seeing the price of the 14.4 Impact Driver being over $200. I believe when it was originally announced in the HD catalog it sold for $189. Certainly that is the price I've seen posted of the last year and a half. The $150 price may be just a recent or even temporary price. I do notice that tool prices do fluctuate in HD, especially this time of year.

      My particular Impact Driver is an excellant tool. Assembly is tight and I love it's torque power. It has so much power that you really have to be careful with it's application. My first use was in the assembly of a steel shelf unit. Bad application, as it tightened the Phillips head bolts so tight that I couldn't loosen them, when I realized I bolted one brace in the wrong place. There was no way I could hold a Phillips head secure enough to back the nut off. It was like "welded" in place. I ended up cutting the bolt off.

      In the fall, I replaced a couple of worn railings on the back deck. I popped a magnetic extension in the Impact Driver, because the only hex socket I had wouldn't reach into the hole far enough. The torque was so powerful that it ripped the shaft right out of the magnetic holder. I bought a proper Hex Socket and the Impact Driver drove the 3/8 bolts without no problem at all.

      Great tool, lots of torque, and even with the smaller pack there's good life
      to the battery,



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        Re: Impact Driver ???

        yup the bit in your picture ... i broke 3 of them to day

        IM a millworker (install all kinds of cabinets,doors,counter tops,base,ect)
        I have a bosch Impact Driver and broke a few bits with it
        but not as many with ridgid....
        I had a bosch drill that the chuck broke a month after warranty run out
        so I pick up the heavy duty ridgid 14.4 drill. it seems very heavy and a ton torque (thats ok with me) so I wanted to pick up a Impact Driver that i can share my battery with
        I notice that my drill batterys say 2.5 ah and the Impact Driver dont say any thing on them(when i try to fit the Impact Driver into the case with the drill battery,it doesnt fit grrrr)
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          Re: Impact Driver ???

          They're a little on the pricey side but Apex Impact Driver Bits from McFeelys are made for use with impact drivers. Here's a link to the #2 x 2" long square drive but the have other styles available.
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            Re: Impact Driver ???

            BadgerDave's recommendation of Apex is a very good one. Another brand that I like for fastener tools is WIHA made over in Germany. You can purchase directly from their USA branch (web site) or you might find a local dealer in your area. For more info check this link.

            APEX -
            WIHA -
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