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How much do ROS' spin?

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  • How much do ROS' spin?


    Earlier today I got to wondering, how much is a ROS supposed to spin? My R2600 goes less than 1 revolution per minute, and ever since I attached the PSA pad, it keeps freezing. And by that I mean it orbits, but the pad won't spin...then a few seconds later it will spin 1/2 a turn, then stop, etc. Did I attach the pad incorrectly somehow? I can't see how though, it's only 4 screws, but it never did that before I changed the pad.



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    Re: How much do ROS' spin?

    Any chance the screws are a tad too long and interfering with the rotor?


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      Re: How much do ROS' spin?

      Random orbit sanders are not supposed to spin UP like they used to. In the early days, once you lifted the sander off the wood, they would begin to spin up to screaming speed. Sometimes the PSA disk would come off and end up like a high speed razor flying across the shop, slicing and dicing anyone in it's path.

      The new sanders will "turn" but should NOT spin up at all, even off the wood.
      I can't speak for the Ridgid, but all my Porter Cable sanders do rotate some when sanding and sometimes if I have it just right, will stop rotating completely but still keep ossolating fine.

      Personally, I would'nt worry about it unless something IS holding it back.

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        Re: How much do ROS' spin?

        Thanks for the replies, I guess everything is working properly then.

        One more question, when changing the pad I noticed the washer on the motor shaft is off-center, and I keep wondering if that's normal. I apologize in advance for asking such a silly question, but I just HAD to ask.