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Need help on choosing portable air compressor

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  • Need help on choosing portable air compressor

    Hi there, I have been looking at portable electric air compressors for a while and need someone elses thoughts on which is the best to buy. I have narrowed the selection down to the Ridgid OL50135W oil lubed twinstack, the Makita MAC5200, Dewalt D55155, and the Dewalt D55154. Any help would be much appreciated! Also, does the Home Depot stores in Michigan carry any of these compressors?

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    Re: Need help on choosing portable air compressor

    What type of air driven tools will you be using?
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      Re: Need help on choosing portable air compressor

      Well, I will be using a wide variety of air tools...sander, impact wrench, drill, filling tires, pretty much anything you can think of. This compressor will only be used in situations where I cannot get air to the site with my big compressor. It will not be used steady for hours a day, more like one or three hours a week. Thanks!


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        Re: Need help on choosing portable air compressor

        For most nailers just about any air compressor will be just fine.
        But you indicated you'll be using other tools ,so I suggest you look at the porter cable c3151
        it's at Lowe's about $297.00
        It has pneumatic tires for easy rolling around. It has a telescopic handle.
        The panel can be removed and located near the work site.
        The spec shows 6cfm @ 90psi good for die grinders and other air tools that use 3-5cfm @ 90psi. The max psi is 150psi

        I have one and it's great!

        BUT....yeah always a BUT....

        out of the box the thing is noisy 90db
        I pulled off the top cover installed rubber bushings and then installed foam pipe insulation [1 1/8" diameter] along the rails and re-secured the cover.
        Now the noise level is about 80db much much better. I told Porter cable about this but to deaf ears. [pun intended]

        I also removed the stiff short 14g power cord comes with a 5' cord!!!
        I installed a 9' 12g type sj cord and no problems. Now it has a reach to the outlets.

        They also make an oil version that looks exactly the same, except the top cover is powder coated black instead of red. Keep in mind, the oil type unit only gives you about 4cfm @ 90psi

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          Re: Need help on choosing portable air compressor

          Thanks for the help, but i was taught old school, and must have an oil lube compressor. Not that there is anything wrong with the no oil compressors, just my personal likes. I am leaning toward the Ridgid OL50135W because of the extra warranty, but can't find anyone that has one in stock in Michigan!


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            Re: Need help on choosing portable air compressor

            I have the 50135W and I love that damn thing to death I got it on sale to replace an old stanly compressor and used it to put in a hard wood floor and OMG it ran circles around my old stanly for cycle time and noise reduction I paid 219.00 from HD and would buy it again..... in a heart beat
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