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can a blade height lock be added to an older saw?

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  • can a blade height lock be added to an older saw?

    can a blade height lock be added to an older saw?
    i have an older 2412-2,and i was wondering if there was a way,or if anyone had,modified it to have a locking mechanism for blade height??

    also while im here.
    when i bought this saw,a few years ago,,maybe 4??..i thought i read that it could be plugged into the wall like any other tool, or it had the ability to be wired into one of those more powerful electric sockets.

    but,,,a few minutes ago,i read on this site, that this saw,,can not be wired for that more powerful socket.

    so,,where am i?

    by the way,, i have noticed it bogs a bit,,even ripping a 2X wood. i didn't think it should. and i feed slow. any slower,,it wouldn't be fed at all.

    this spring,when its warmer,,i intend to give her a once over,and thorough tune up, as if from new. with very tight tolerances.
    i bet she will be fine then for me. i bought new blade disk type stabilizers and blade, I'm thinking of that linked type belt to drive her. though i cant imagine that would make her cut better. i was thinking,maybe the machine is off(blade,fence,) a bit,and that is why the wood does not want to feed smoothly,it bogs the motor,and if i slow the feed enough not to bog,,it burns the cut part.
    but i am so new to woodworking,,well, I'm new. or maybe not new,,just don't get at it very often per year.
    been messing with wood since 2000 or so.

    any help or ideas/tips would be of great help.
    thank you,
    sorry for the long diatribe.