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TS 3650 kick

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    Re: TS 3650 kick

    Belt Tension:
    Yes, the weight of the motor is supposed to supply some amount of tension. So if the pins of the motor assembly slip through the cradle, like mine did, it may get to the point where there is little or no tension on the belt. When I said "adjusting the motor assembly to give the belt some tension" I meant adjusting the motor assembly as per the manual so that the weight of the motor again supplies whatever amount of tension is supposed to be on the belt. Sorry if that was confusing...

    Motor Clutch:
    A few seconds after the switch on my saw is turned off, the motor goes through some kind of stage that quickly slows it down. That stage, whatever it is (I assume it's a clutch mechanism), also generated a loud noise which disappeared after the belt tension system was adjusted correctly. (Did I say that right? )

    - djb
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      Re: TS 3650 kick

      DJB, agree with you totally. I was only trying to make the point that you have to adjust motor so that pivot point screw is not resting on either end of the bracket or you could have problems with belt tension as you did when motor position adjust screws came losse.


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        Re: TS 3650 kick

        I've had my TS a little over a year now and noticed that there is a jolt at start up and some vibration at shut down. I've tried adjusting to the point I can't adjust anymore and it improved a little but the jolt at startup and vibration at shut down are still there. Every once in a while it will start smoothly but that's usually pretty rare. What am I missing in the adjustments? Thanks.


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          Re: TS 3650 kick

          same problem over here - the jolt is too much to be normal. its enough to make the motor bounce on the spring. i cant imagine this would be a designed method of startup - if nothing else slow to startup to a second. its not like i am cramming the board through there as i am turning it on. nice to know i am not the only on with this problem though. seems as though there is no solution -


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            Re: TS 3650 kick

            I just assembled mine and have the same problem. Not a huge kick, but it won't pass the nickle test (does the machine run so smoothly that a nickle standing on edge on the machine won't fall over) at start-up.

            Any motor is going to kick some at startup. As the shaft accelerates one way, the body will want to push against something to rotate the other way. Just like a drill. The design of the motor, the acceleration, and the mounting will determine the effect of the kick. It could be that the spring loaded mount and the type of belt makes the kick worse. If everything were inflexibly mounted with a tight belt, the motor would have to start up with less acceleration due to the load and the startup torque would be transferred into fairly inflexible framing. With the mount the 3650 has, the motor can move around, accelerate faster, and movement makes noise.