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attaching items to table saw fence

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  • attaching items to table saw fence

    I recently got a TS3650 and it is working great. One thing I was wondering though, is how do you attach stuff to the channels on the fence. It must take some kind of square headed nut or bolt. But where do you find hardware like this?
    Also while setting up the saw I could not get the pulley's to line up perfectly.
    The pulley on the saw looks like this. ||
    And the motor looks like this. \\
    It's not that exagurated but it is definitely not parallel. I tried adjusting this by adding washers between the motor and mount on the pulley side to try and twist the motor back a little but it didn't help much.

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    Re: attaching items to table saw fence

    Mine is not exactly straight either but has never caused a problem.
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      Re: attaching items to table saw fence

      RTFM; You should have had three bolts 'left over' from your build (TS Assembly). These are to be used to attach accessories such as a sacrificial fence, feather boards, jigs, etc. to the factory fence.

      For the pulley alignment issue you should be able to get the pulleys coplanar. If they are not you will have vibration problems and premature belt wear and maybe some other problems. You need to align the pulleys, you can place a good straight edge along side the pulleys and check them much as you would your bandsaw wheels (if you have a BS you'll know what I mean). You should be able to 'eyeball' them sighting along side the two pulleys. Shimming with washers as you describe should not be necessary. I have been wrong before, but I can't remember anyone on here that had to do that to get their motor and arbor pulleys aligned.
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        Re: attaching items to table saw fence

        ¼" hex head bolts will fit into the slot. That's what I use.
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          Re: attaching items to table saw fence

          I have also used toilet bolts to fit in the T-slots on the table and fence.
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