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Dado Blade Kit For Portable Table Saw

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  • Dado Blade Kit For Portable Table Saw

    I was just wondering if there is a dado blade kit for the portable table saw.
    RYan Varga

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    Re: Dado Blade Kit For Portable Table Saw

    Dado use on the 2400 is discussed on Page 51

    I have not heard of a 'kit' being available for this or any other RIDGID TS.

    There is a dado insert for the table that must be used in place of the stock insert, or you can make your own zero clearance insert which is usually a better choice to help eliminate tear out.

    A quick search on dado blades should find a couple threads from the past month or two.
    Don't skimp on the quality of the dado set, and don't jump into a 8" dado set right off without considering a 6" set. You're not likely to be making dados deeper than an inch anyway so why subject your saw to the extra weight of an 8" dado set. Smaller diameter blades will also help with vibration.
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