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  • Compressor

    I have a gas wheelbarrow compressor. I was on a job site yesterday and the compressor made a weird noise and stopped running. I could not get it started back up. I came home unhooked the belt and cranked her up. Started first pull. I noticed the pulley on th pump doesnt turn. Does this mean a blew the pump? Thanks

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    Re: Compressor

    more than likely yes, but this what i need to know. will the pump turn in either direction even a little and if so how much? have you checked to pump oil? if so is there metal flakes on the dip stick? is there oil on the dip stick? if so what color is it and how does it smell? if the pump can turn some what does it sound like? this could be a bad bearing witch it why i am asking all this.

    when did you buy this compressor? if it is the ridgid it may still be under warranty and there for you will be good to go. any way good luck since i know how annoying this can be. but i had an emglo years ago that seemed to snap a connecting rod about once every 6-7 months till they just gave me a new model compressor
    9/11/01, never forget.