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  • 18 volt charger


    I have a Chicago Electric Power Tools 18v cordless drill model 37144. The charger died and I want to get a replacement. I haven't had any luck finding a Chicago Electric website so I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can get a charger for this drill.

    Alternately, does anybody know if the battery for this drill can be charged by a charger from one of the other 18v drill manufacturers like DeWalt, Milwaukee etc.

    I'm trying to avoid going to my local hardware store and open boxes to see if the battery footprint and connections match up with other brands.


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    Re: 18 volt charger

    If you can take it apart, open it and ck the fuse inside. I"ve had 2 dewalts pop the fuse. Went to Auto Zone and got the same rated size and soldered it in, presto, fixed for under a buck.
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      Re: 18 volt charger

      Chicago Electric Power Tools = Harbor Freight Tools

      I doubt they would sell just the charger, but then they might. Try calling them, but as posted earlier if the charger comes apart do look for a blown fuse or a bad connection.


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        Re: 18 volt charger

        I didn't mention in my original post that I had already taken it apart and found a bad 2 amp thermal switch ( fuse?) inside the tape of the transformer primary winding. I replaced it with a 2 amp fuse and that got the ac-dc converter part working and I was able to charge the battery but then the charger wouldn't shut off. Inside the charger I found a burned resistor and a blown transistor that I couldn't read the part number off of, hence my search for a replacement.

        I called Harbor and they do sell the charger only for $13.99 plus shipping.

        Done deal, thanks.


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          Re: 18 volt charger

          Jimmy, you may want to check on getting another 18v tool that comes with the charger because HF has some pretty outrageous deals on their tools. Last time I was there I think you could get the whole 18v drill kit for around $20 so it might be a good opportunity to add to your collection.
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