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Ridgid bandsaw upgrades??opinions wanted!!

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  • Ridgid bandsaw upgrades??opinions wanted!!

    What upgrades have you done to your ridgid bandsaw big or small ,and how much/little did it improve? First , this may not be an upgrade , but i switched to the highland hardware woodslicer blade, and i swear after trying every blade known ,it was like i put a new motor in the machine. Cant use anything else now.The real upgrade was going with a link belt and got rid of the standard v-belt, HUGE diffrence.NEED to go that route with all my tools now.
    Thinking abot roller guides insted of the cool blocks. What do you guys think?
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    Re: Ridgid bandsaw upgrades??opinions wanted!!

    I have been using the olsen 3 tooth ripping blade - works great. Does anyone know if .there is a riser kit avaliable for this saw to increase the rip capacity.


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      Re: Ridgid bandsaw upgrades??opinions wanted!!

      I added (in this order):
      Urethane tires
      Link belt
      Cool blocks (not rollers)
      and a Timberwolf 1/2" 3-TPI blade.
      All told, this came to about $60

      Without doubt the link belt and the blade saw the most substantial increase in bandsaw performance. The urethane tires were a necessity as the cheapo rubber ones were coming off.

      I also finely tuned the balance of the wheels and aligned the top and bottom wheels using a 48" straightedge.

      The blade is now, and stays, centered. I have a Kreg bandsaw fence and now I can cut use it to make straight line cuts, with NO drift adjustment. The fence is parallel to the blade, and the cuts are straight as an arrow.

      I recently added a riser block and quick-release tension arm, as well as a vibration mat and in the spring I'm going to begin resawing some logs from trees we took down. Longest one is about 4 feet... We'll see how that goes.

      With all these upgrades, this added almost $300 to the cost of the bandsaw, over time... In retrospect, that makes it about a $650-700 bandsaw. But I can't find anything really comparable in that price range for a 12" resaw, top notch fence, quick-release tension, 1/2" premium blade, link-belt, stand, etc etc..