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  • Drill replacement part

    I need to replace only the drill section of my drill. Both of the batteries and the charger work fine. Its an 18v Ridgid. Does anyone know if that is possible and where to go to buy it?

    Any help is appreciated


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    Re: Drill replacement part

    Try eBay. Ridgid 18V Drill
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      Re: Drill replacement part

      this one is easy.
      you can replace this part by yourself by going to,search for the model of your tool,once you find it,look for literature,most of the time the drill(nose,bit holder,chuck)comes separated from the transmission,so,you have to look for the center of the chuck,if there is a screw you have to take it out,usually its left hand thread,once the screw is out,set one thick allen wrench on the chuck and tie this as if it was a bit,hold the other ending of the wrench on a vise and unscrew the chuck(right hand thread),now you can see only the transmission and the whole body of the drill,you can order the transmission part online(I guess)or got to your nearest ridgid store(NOT HOME DEPOT)and order the part that you need,following the codes and numbers already set on the parts list/breakdown.
      if you do not have the time to do it by yourself,just go to a RIDGID service center and dropped your tool and hopefuly you will get your repaired tool back in about two weeks or so.
      thats all.
      good luck.