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2400 Table Saw Alignment Problem

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  • 2400 Table Saw Alignment Problem

    I have a new 2400 and using the manual that comes with the saw I am having a terrible time getting the extension part of the table to stay level with the main table.

    All of the bolts on the underside of the table are tight, yet when I push down slightly on the extension (it is not extended at this time) the extension part drops down. I can lift up and down on the extension and it will wiggle up and down.

    With all of the posts that I have read it seems that every last person has almost taken it out of the box and used it with little, or no adjustments. This is the first saw that I have tried to set up, but I don't feel as though I am a moron but can't figure out for the life of me what I am missing.

    Also, the manual says to loosen the four bolts under the table to raise/lower the fence rails so that you can fit 8 pages of the manual under it. Well under the table I find 6 bolts in the front rail and 6 in the rear rail (4 on main table and 2 on extension). These are the bolts to adjust are they not?

    HELLLLLLLLP please!!!!

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    Re: 2400 Table Saw Alignment Problem

    I need to look at my saw again to get an idea of where your problem might be but just so you know, it was not a pull out of the box and use sort of thing. I spent the better part of a day calibrating and aligning everything on the saw. Its a pretty big pain to set everything up but pays off in the end.