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TS2400 Alignment Issues

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  • TS2400 Alignment Issues

    I have a new 2400 and using the manual that comes with the saw I am having a terrible time getting the extension part of the table to stay level with the main table.

    All of the bolts on the underside of the table are tight, yet when I push down slightly on the extension (it is not extended at this time) the extension part drops down. I can lift up and down on the extension and it will wiggle up and down.

    With all of the posts that I have read it seems that every last person has almost taken it out of the box and used it with little, or no adjustments. This is the first saw that I have tried to set up, but I don't feel as though I am a moron but can't figure out for the life of me what I am missing.

    Also, the manual says to loosen the four bolts under the table to raise/lower the fence rails so that you can fit 8 pages of the manual under it. Well under the table I find 6 bolts in the front rail and 6 in the rear rail (4 on main table and 2 on extension). These are the bolts to adjust are they not?

    HELLLLLLLLP please!!!!

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    Re: TS2400 Alignment Issues

    I'd bring it back.......and ask for another
    R.S. Anderson


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      Re: TS2400 Alignment Issues

      P Diddy,

      I actually joined the forum to find out about alignment of the table sliding extension also. My problem is that the support bent, or came out of alignment at some point. It was good for about a year. Suspect I put something heavy on the end which moved it.

      SO... I'd like some info on getting it back where it should be. Let me know if you get a usable reply.



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        Re: TS2400 Alignment Issues

        catvet try having a look at this thread and see if it might help...

        Good Luck

        P Diddy has kind of posted the same or similar questions in a couple of different forums.

        Good Luck

        The procedure for adjusting the guide rails can be found on pages 25 and 26 of the manual
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        Cheers! - Jim
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          Re: TS2400 Alignment Issues

          Thanks for the feedback. I'll work through it.