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12" miter saw alignment

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  • 12" miter saw alignment

    I have the rigid 12" compound miter saw. When locking the saw into the positive stop 0 degrees to cut a 90-degree angle the saw cuts a slight taper outward. At first, I just lived with it but the job I am doing now this taper will not work. I have tried to adjust this by moving the fence as described in the manual but the taper is still there. (The fence really does not have much of an adjustment if any) any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Re: 12" miter saw alignment

    I think your answer lies on page 18 of the manual for the MS1250LZ.

    Adjust Blade Square to Fence:
    1. Lower the blade and engage the lock
    pin. Use a combination square. Place
    the square against the fence and next
    to the blade as illustrated. Locate the
    square properly so it does not contact
    the set in the teeth of sawblade, giving
    an inaccurate reading. The sawblade
    should contact the full length of the
    2. If blade contacts full length of square,
    no alignment is necessary, skip a-f
    below. If blade is not square to the
    fence, follow the alignment procedure.
    a. Loosen miter lock knob a half turn.
    The saw power head should still be
    secured in the lowered position by
    the lock pin.
    CAUTION: To keep from losing
    control of the unit, steady the
    base with one hand while loosening
    the two bolts with the other
    b. With the unit securely resting on a
    large stable surface, tilt the unit by
    lifting up on one side or the other of
    the base. Using combination wrench
    supplied, loosen the two miter arm
    cap head screws on the underside of
    the turn table.
    c. Return the saw to its normal resting
    position. Make sure the miter lock
    knob is loose but do not release the
    index spring.
    d. Use the miter saw knob to move the
    table so that the blade contacts the
    full length of the square. Watch out
    for tooth set. Turn the miter lock
    knob clockwise to lock saw square to
    e. Tilt saw as in Step b and tighten cap
    head screws.
    f. Recheck blade squareness to fence
    and readjust if necessary.
    Adjust Miter Scale Indicator
    1. Through the hole in front of the table
    insert, loosen the Phillips screw that
    holds the Vernier indicator in place.
    2. Reposition the indicator to align it with
    0° mark, and retighten screw.

    Hope that helps
    Cheers! - Jim
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      Re: 12" miter saw alignment

      This could be related to an earlier post where we discovered that the whole carriage holding the saw may be a little askew. If the two rails, the rear bracket and the motor bracket don'd form a perfect rectangle, then the blade can be perfectly square to the fence, but will track left or right as the saw head is slid away from the fence. That is if this is a slider.
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        Re: 12" miter saw alignment

        you hit it on the head. have two sliders with this problem, fixed now!