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Help with R888 Hand Planer.......

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  • Help with R888 Hand Planer.......

    Recently purchased the R888 Hand Planer to add to the rest of the toys in my 24V LI set.
    Clamped a rough cut 1" board on edge and ran the planer down it. The good news is the dust collector worked the best of any of these small tools I have ever used. Bad news is I could not make it plane smoothly. The shoe feels kind of sticky even after hitting it with a little spray wax. My nephew is a professional cabinet maker so I hauled the 888 over to his shop. He has corded Makita and DeWalt hand planers. We ran the Makita over the previously waved piece of wood. Couldn't get it smooth. Ran the DeWalt across which smoothed the board. Tried the 888 across and waved it again. Tried all the various weight locations. Tried various settings on the toe.
    Any suggestions .....
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