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New Husky compressor

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  • New Husky compressor

    I was in HD looking at compressors yesterday and saw a new Husky. I am in the market for a small compressor that I can take on jobs with me. I just do stuff on the side so I'm not looking to spend a lot on a compressor. It will just be for occasional use with a brad nailer. The new Husky I saw looked more like a hard backed suitcase on wheels. It looked ideal for what I intend to use it for. I've never owned any Husky tools and was hoping to get some opinions on their quality and durability.

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    Re: New Husky compressor

    all hussy small compressors are made by campbell hausfman. mine is the husky 32 gal upright is is my shop only copressor though is os portable i have only done it once. it is ok very loud but i runs every thing i have but you need to watch the pressure cause mine can put out 150 lbs but i have turned it down to 110 lbs bad things happen to tools above 120. i have had this compressor now for 4 years and other then the noise it is fine by me but when this one dies i will get an oil lubed on.
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      Re: New Husky compressor

      I know a couple of guys who use the husky, and they love it. No problems reported. I have used it on their jobs, and it seems as good as any little compressor. One thing I like about it is it is less likely to scratch up surfaces as you carry it around.

      I use the 1 gal senco and love it. It is smaller and lighter than the husky, both a plus for my truck loading, and it does the trick for brads, staples and pins. I do not know how the husky is for framing nailers, but if it can handle those and you think you may someday run one, that could be the deciding factor. For just finish work my vote goes with my little senco.

      Here is where I got it on ebay, though I got the set with the 23guage pinner for about $175 delivered.
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        Re: New Husky compressor

        I have the senco 1 gallon and it's great for small jobs...


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          Re: New Husky compressor

          I have the original Husky Easy air compressor. 1.5 gal if I remember correctly. The plate on mine says Porter Cable makes it. It works rather well for my 18 guage brad brad nailer and both my 16 ga. Porter cable and 15 ga. Ridgid nailer. Mine is rated at 2CFM @90psi and 4 CFM AT 40 psi. The compressor I have is rather quiet; it was published at 79 dbl and quieter than my shop-vac. Usually won’t annoy the wife too much. I when I bought mine a few years ago it listed for about $80. it has been worth the expense and it is rather portable. I think the new one that you are looking at even comes with fittings. The original ones came with at small roll of Teflon tape and no fittings.

          Depending on what you want to do with the compressor it may work well for you.