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    Yes this is power tool related...sorta.

    I had been running around all night getting stuff for a basement remodel. When I got home I remembered that my wife asked for a metric/standard tape measure. So in a hurry I ran to Menards (hate going to HD twice in one night) Well Menards didnt have what I wanted, so off to HD I run. The store was 2 minutes from closing (which realy doesnt mean too much) and I ran in to grab the tape. As I was running in I saw that they had just set up a new clearance table. Usually there isnt much worth mentioning on the table, but just as I glanced over it I saw the Bosch 10.8 Lithium Ion screwdriver. Ok, we know HD doenst give big markdowns often, but I looked anyway. Reg price 129.00 marked down to $70.66! I asked my friend what was wrong with it, and he didnt know. Well the box had been opened but I figured I can take it back later, since they were about to close. So out to the truck I go. I reopen the box and all the parts were still there. The twist tire was still on the cord. I seriously doubt this thing was ever out of the box ever. Right now its charging (30 minute charger, wooohoo)

    The best part is that I can definately use this at work. Its not much for power, but I drive alot of euro screws into pre drilled holes at the shop. There is another guy at the shop who bought one awhile back and he loves it (he also has to lock it up so no one decides to borrow it for too long) He is going to S(explitive deleted)T when he hears what I got mine for.

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    Re: Score!

    Nice score.
    Please ignore the green color I've turned.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Score!

      The others at work were quite jealous. One guy offered to buy it, I told him $120. I barely got a chance to use it today, had other things going on, but I will find something at home to use it for this weekend.

      I went back to HD today to see what else was on the clearance table. Either I got the only great deal, or it was all picked over, nothing really interested me.


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        Re: Score!

        I had some luck at HD a couple of days ago. On the clearance table was a R848 planer kit for $79!! Planer, battery, charger, case & extra blades!! A much better deal than the R888 for $119.
        The next day at another HD, the manager offered me a MAG left Porter Cable saw for $60, but it had no blade or arbor bolt, no case and no paperwork. I walked away from that one.
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          Re: Score!

          Today was the R845 Circ saw with a battery (no blade or charger, have the charger already) for $90. Im waiting to get to put that to some use. I dont expect a whole lot, but with 2 batteries around I hope that I can get a good amount of cutting in.


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            Re: Score!

            A little bump here...

            So far my Bosch 10.8 kicks arse. In the month that I have had it, I havent used it much, but Im only on my 2nd charging. I was actually trying to run it down before work was over so I could put the 2nd battery in because I thought I needed it for a big job. I couldnt kill the thing.

            The circ saw hasnt had much use, but the other day, just for the "halibut" I used it to rough cut some molding and it was getting weak. Then I surprised myself by cutting some of the Hickory I have around. Even with a weak battery it went through with no problems.

            I know (ok think) that both tools are underpowered for the next major work to the house, but Im going to try anyway. Im going to put a deck on. I want too see if I can drive the deck screws with the Bosch and how much crosscutting I can do with the Ridgid. With the fast chargers on both I will be happy if I can go without having to wait for a battery charge.