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    A couple weeks ago I sent this email to Bosch Customer Support:

    In December of 2005 I bought two Bosch power tools: the Bosch jig saw 1590EVSK, and the plunge router package 1716EVSPK. I have been pleased with the performance of both tools.

    However, I am just now in need of using a dust extraction hood on the router. The router package came with the standard base (RA1161) and plunge base (RA1166). There were two dust extraction hoods in the box, one fits on the plunge base and the other fits on the side of the standard base for edge routing work. There is a third hood described in the manual that fits on the standard RA1161 base for routing in the middle of the workpiece, but I didn't get that hood with the package. Since the other two hoods (and practically everything else I'd ever need for a routing job) were included, I assume the third dust hood was inadvertently missed in the packing.

    Can I get this hood somehow? I know it's been over a year since the purchase, but I never looked for this hood until now.
    [end quote]

    About a week later the complete dust extraction hood set arrived in the mail. I didn't realize until I got this new hood set that the side mounted hood I originally got doesn't fit my base, so I think the wrong hood set got thrown in the case I bought back in '05.

    Anyway, I thought that was pretty good service. We often only hear the bad stories...

    - djb

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    Re: Bosch Customer Support

    I've had the same experience with Bosch support.
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