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Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?

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  • Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?


    I've searched through the forum for warranty, battery, exchange, etc info, but still have a couple questions.

    I've got a 14.4 drill...purchased in June of 05 (so not quite 2 years old). The batteries are dying quick...I mean quick. I've contacted Ridgid customer service through my Ebox. They proceeded to tell me that if my batteries are bad, I will need to take them into my nearest service center.

    I called my nearest one today, and the person there told me, it takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks to get service. Granted, he says he's swamped at the moment mostly due to another shop in the area stopping their Ridgid warranty service.

    My batteries are bad, I know they're bad (well 99.9% sure they are), etc. Is waiting 4-8 weeks for a replacement of batteries common practice? The gentleman told me I should try other service centers to see if anyone could do it quicker. I tried calling 5 other places, but being that it's Saturday, everyone is closed.

    What kind of turn around time has anyone else experienced with bad batteries?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?

    If all else fails, try looking for a place called "Batteries Plus" in your area. While it will cost some $$$ they can replace the Ni-Cad cells in your battery pack for a good bit less than a new battery would cost. Normally they can do it while you wait or in a one day turnaround.


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      Re: Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?


      Thanks for the info. I looked up Batteries Plus on the web and found a store about 35 miles away....not far..but not close. I called and spoke to one of the guys there. He told me it would run about $40 a battery (that was off the top of his head) and depending on his schedule, maybe a day or two to do it. I'll definitely keep this in mind if I cannot get anything done in a reasonable amount of time regarding my batteries from Ridgid.

      I am curious as to what others have done with dying batteries:
      - Throw out the tool and buy a new combo pack?
      - Pay retail for new batteries?
      - Get them online from Ebay or Amazon if you can find them?
      - Get them replaced/repaired from Ridgid?

      Also, has anyone gone into one of these Ridgid authorized service centers and had FAST turnaround (as in a day or two) or is the long wait (4-8 weeks) that I was informed of normal? I realize it's Saturday and there isn't much going on around here, but who knows. Hopefully one of other service centers will have better news.


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        Re: Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?

        Batteries go to recycling center, and I buy new.
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          Re: Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?

          You can also buy some Sub-C Ni-Cad's with solder tabs and rebuild your own pack...


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            Re: Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?


            Been there, done that

            Batteries Plus stocks them and has a nice spot welder (The one near me) and they also do heat shrink tubing to make up STICK batteries (with special button welded on + end as needed) for flashlights and such. It all depends on how much you want to do on your own. While at it a person may as well use high quality, high capacity cells and have a "Better Than New" battery pack. Just be sure of the charging requirements. Some battery packs are made for Smart Chargers. They must work together.
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              Re: Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?


              Yeah I usually just stick with the same battery technology, just upgrade the AH a bit...


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                Re: Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?

                Could someone please address the original question,"I called my nearest one today, and the person there told me, it takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks to get service." The question is, is this typical time for sevice centers to replace worn out batteries? This is an importent issue because Home Depot and Ridgid tout the free replacement of batteries as an important selling point for Ridgid battery operated tools. However if it is common practice for batteries to require 4-8 weeks for replacement then this perceived feature is a joke.


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                  Re: Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?

                  The way that I understand it is the battery will be tested at the service center to determine if it will or will not hold/take a charge. If the battery fails to hold/take a charge a replacement will be issued. I'm not sure how long it would take to perform that test but I would think within 24 hours should be plenty of time.

                  This raises another question, do the Ridgid Service Centers have a supply of batteries in stock? If they don't, they should! If they do, then it shouldn't take more than 1 day to get a replacement.
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                    Re: Battery Replacement Turnaround Time?

                    Generally for batteries, they are tested and replaced over the counter. It is a simple load test and only takes about 5 minutes a lot of shops don't even load test them. The batteries are a common failure so should be stocked by the service center. A lot of Ridgid batteries are caused by a switch in the drill shorting out. The check and repair of the drill or other tool may indeed take 2 to 8 weeks depending on how busy the shop is.