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Milwaukee Jig Saw Model 6268-21

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  • Milwaukee Jig Saw Model 6268-21

    Milwaukee T Shank Orbital Jig Saw Model 6268-21
    Anyone have one of these, If so how do you like it.

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    Re: Milwaukee Jig Saw Model 6268-21

    I have the 6266-22 which is the slightly older model. It's made in Germany by AEG. I love this saw - smooth and powerful 6.5 AMP motor. As good as a Bosch, if not better.
    Looking at the specs the 6268-21 is almost the same. I believe they are now made in the Czech Republic. Great saw.


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      Re: Milwaukee Jig Saw Model 6268-21


      What's the best price you've found on it so far? I don't own one so I really can't comment. Through the local grapevine someone did get to try it (New Milwaukee) and thought it was good, but we are diehards for the Bosch 1590EVSK which we really like. The speed control and trigger on the 1590EVSK need improvement. It would sure be nice if pulling the trigger 1/2 way would make it crawl along. It's just an on/off switch. As for the AEG-Milwaukee tools most if not all were great. I fear that the new ones (even if not marked as such) are really made over in China using slave labor in TTI factories. If you do buy it, be sure the dealer is good about returns if it ends up being a POC.
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        Re: Milwaukee Jig Saw Model 6268-21

        Well It’s decided!
        I came home tonight, made supper, fired up the computer, ate,
        Then I looked beside me on the floor and there it was!
        Seems my lovely wife noticed me admiring the Milwaukee T Shank Orbital Jig Saw Model 6268-21
        in the the big blue box store for the past two weeks and bought it for me!

        I musta walked right by the saw ( in it’s big red plastic case no less) a half dozen times and didn’t even see it !!!!!

        What a sweetie I have, now I’m looking for the honey do list!

        Thanks to all for replying, great to have you guys around.

        Now, I just gotta find me a piece of wood !!!

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          Re: Milwaukee Jig Saw Model 6268-21


          Do yourself a big favor and get some Bosch "Progressor" blades for it. These really help any jigsaw cut better.

          Here is a good dealer's site where you can get info and/or order them if you can't find them at HD or Lowes in your area. Really, They do make a very ice difference.

          I hope you are enjoying nice mild weather for a change. I'm not too far away and it's great outside today. Yesterday was nice too.

          Now go hug your wife and tell her thanks. Watch out or she may claim the jigsaw as her new tool.