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Caulk gun

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  • Caulk gun

    I really like the Ridgid batt caulk gun... so much that I would convert to Ridgid from my current DeWalt stuff that needs replacing anyway... BUT, I have not been able to get ANY info on the Ridgid 18V NiCds or new chargers, etc... and I now am in a position that I need a caulk gun now and can't wait any longer. Can anyone tell me if any other manufacturer makes ONE gun that accommodates 10 and 30 oz carts and does not come with a battery and charger, but instead is just the gun and around $100?

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    Re: Caulk gun

    No one tool for both cartridges I think though.


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      Re: Caulk gun

      From what I see it looks like RIDGID has one and that it takes both sizes.

      Here is some info on Ridgid cordless tools in general.


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        Re: Caulk gun

        Thanks for the info... like I said.. I do like the Ridgid gun, but I will not buy it with an old 18V Nicd... don't want weight of 24V Lion... and have no indication for months about when the 18V Lion that it says it works with on the box will be available. Also, I don't want to by a charger now taht will not charge Lion later... I would basically have to throw away over $160 on batteries I don't want just to use the Ridgid caulk gun today.


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          Re: Caulk gun

          Not wanting to start a new thread....

          I AM interested in a caulk gun/battery bundle as I have no other Ridgid power tools at this time. Looks like my only option is this stand-alone gun? Are there 24V Li batteries for it yet? Looking to buy TODAY!