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Broken Variable Speed Switch

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  • Broken Variable Speed Switch

    I think I just smoked my variable speed switch on my drill and now it is only a single speed drill. Could a new 2.5Ah battery make it more likely to cause that problem? I purchased it from home depot a little less than 2 years ago, would I have any warranty on that or do I have to find some way to replace that switch? Everything else about the kit as been pretty good. The hammer function still goes pretty strongly, the two saws also work well except for the reciprocating saw blade clamp getting a little bit looser and the jig saw is still the best that I have ever used even among corded ones.

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    Re: Broken Variable Speed Switch

    I imagine you are talking about the switch on your cordless drill. If I'm not mistaken the model is a R851150. The warranty on those drills is 3 yrs and getting a switch put in is as easy as going to a service center. The P/N for the switch is 270018090.

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