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Ridgid Band Saw Or GRizzly?

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  • Ridgid Band Saw Or GRizzly?

    I want to start out by saying I have the 12" SCMS and the ts 3600,
    which I am very happy with both.
    My question is I have seen alot of negative posts about this saw,are these isolated issues. if not is Ridgid doing anything to correct the problems,or should I forget the orange on this one and go for the green?

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    Re: Ridgid Band Saw Or GRizzly?

    Well, I have the Ridgid BS and it's the only one I've ever owned. I'm guessing I got relatively lucky, as mine seems to be in pretty decent shape. I replaced the stock belt with a V-twist, and that really went a long way to improve it. The next thing is going to be a riser block at some point. Other than that, it's been a workhorse for me and is doing well. The difficulties I've had are mostly my own. I just don't have the skills to use a band saw really well yet. I've got everything aligned, and the saw runs pretty stable. I followed all the instructions in the manual, and it wasn't too tricky. Getting the lower guide blocks aligned is a bit fiddly, but it works. I used a folded dollar bill as stated in the manual.

    I've heard a lot of the negatives, too. I can only hope that Ridgid is hearing them as well. In my own experience, it's a decent enough saw for the money. Of course, I haven't encountered the problems many others have. I hope this helps!!
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      Re: Ridgid Band Saw Or GRizzly?

      You say that you've seen a lot of negative posts about the Ridgid band saw and are wondering if these are just isolated issues. Well, by my way of thinking a lot of negative reports in itself suggests that the issues are not isolated.

      Have you seen many posts about negative issues with the Griz G0555? I know I haven't. You'll pay a little more for the Griz but you'll be getting a much better band saw.
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