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  • Lifetime Warranty + Tool Quality...

    I posted the information below in the General Discussion section, but I was hoping that a tool expert or someone affiliated with Ridgid could comment. I visited another service center today and same story as below. I guess this will definitely help with the decision making process...

    I'm just curious as to how the 24V lithium combit kit is holding up for users who have purchased this product? I'm asking because I stopped by at one of the local Ridgid service centers today and they strongly advised against this product. They said they are averaging 25-30 battery returns every couple of days. They also said they have hundreds of Ridgid tools waiting to be repaired, more than any other manufacturer. Also, they said the general durability of their power tools are simply not holding up to everyday use. I like the idea of a liftetime warranty, but if these tools are junk, what's the point.

    By the way, the service center also carries Makita, Milwaukee, etc., which they strongly suggest, instead of Ridgid. I'm sure they might be making more profit on selling their other lines. But, I also don't think they are over-exaggerating any issues they are seeing with the Ridgid tools, especially since I saw a stack of batteries and tools that were just dropped off this morning. Also, for what it's worth, I spoke to Ridgid Support about their warranty details and it was like talking to a wall. I thought the Support person didn't have a clue about their tools or what is actually covered in the warranty. Maybe this a reflection of their tool quality... Any thoughts?
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    Re: Lifetime Warranty + Tool Quality...

    This is just a guess but combined with the possiblity that what they say holds water there is also the fact that the LSA you get with ridgid is bound to have more people take their tools in for repair rather than A) return the whole set under warranty when a battery fails etc or B) just replace the tool out of pocket rather than pay and wait for service.

    I know I have several recip saws that need repair and I am so pissed at the prospect of paying for it I am letting them sit idol. I have two extras because when the first one pooped out, a little bosch, I ran out and bought a PC that afternoon to finish what I was doing. Same thing happened with the PC. The repair guys don't know about either of these saws yet, but if they were covered under a LSA they would have been in literally years ago.

    That is just one factor, I'm sure there are others.
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      Re: Lifetime Warranty + Tool Quality...


      I can tell you my experience with the 24 volt 4 piece combo set and the jigsaw.

      I had to return the first set I bought because the battery would not hold a charge.
      The second set I have, works as advertised.

      I am very happy with set. The tools feel very solid and well built. If you hold a Hitachi cordless drill, the hitachi will feel cheap by comparison.

      Battery- Rated at 3.0 amp hours, the runtime is good depending on the tool and how much stress or force the tool is under.
      To get the most out of the battery, cycle it about 5 times(fully charge and fully discharge). After that you should get a true test of the battery capacity. Also I have noticed that if you do not use the battery, it will drain slighty over time. I would say you lose about 15% per month. The reason for this is the self diagonistics in the battery is constantly monitoring its state for safety. Also there is a slight discharge from the led gauge constantly monitoring battery level regardless if you press the button or not.
      The best way to test runtime is to fully charge the battery and then use it immediately.

      Sawzall- I used this to enlarge a bathroom and cut a closet out and it lasted the entire time. I will say the blade was pretty dull so maybe would of been longer. The walls were the old lath and plaster as well so more cutting had to be done. I will say this tool seems to drain the battery the most out of that I have tested. The saw has plenty of power.

      Utility Light- Although not that bright at 8 watts and I have not tested runtime fully, however, with 4 bars(full charge), I used it for about and hour 30 minutes and still had 4 bars.(incredible)

      Circular Saw-The saw seems underpowered when you run it under no load. However, this is not the case, the saw cuts through wood like its butter. I have not cut enough with it to test runtime.

      Jig Saw- The jig saw is a beast and fells very solid when you hold it. It also has a lot of power, cutting through everything you would with a plug in. Have used a fully charged battery to test full runtime.

      Drill/Driver- This drill has plenty of power, however, it is heavy and you wil not be putting up much drywall or doing a lot of over head work with it. The drill is capable of drilling through anything that a plug in will.
      I only have two complaints:
      First, there is no bit holder, which is not a problem for me because is use a quick load, but I don't know why RIDGID would leave this out when every other drill has one.
      Second, the keyless chuck sometimes locks up and you can't tighten the chuck without twisting it right and left many times.

      All in all it is a great set and I would recommend this to everyone. If you experience any problems with the battery, return it, don't bother with the warranty, and replace it with a new one. As I mentioned above, I have had problems with the batteries as others have stated as well and had to exchange the set. However, the second set works fine.

      I have taken the time to write this review because before I purchased my set around Christmas, I could not find much information on the set either.

      Hope this helps.

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        Re: Lifetime Warranty + Tool Quality...

        My personal opinion is that I only buy Milwaukee but I don't worry about wtty's and such as I do all my own work but they are over priced also I am not a contractor so I am not qualified to give an opinion on useage. As far as the 24v batteries I have seen everyones come in with problems. Numbers in for repair is a hard guage to use as a reference for quality as the service center does not know how many have been sold. For example if only one company has a product out, that is the only product you are going to see for service. By your service centers logic that means it is bad. In my opinion most of the cordless tools out there are pretty much the same as far as quality most are useing universal motors and plastice gear trains except for some of the upper end tools. Milwaukees new line of drills have switched motors and are haveing serious problems. Ridgid has bad problems with their switches shorting. I actually don't get that many 24v Ridgid in for repair but I don't know if they are being pushed in my area yet. I do get quite a few of the milwaukee 28s. They are useing a completely new tech. in their batteries and are still working out the kinks.


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          Re: Lifetime Warranty + Tool Quality...

          Thanks to everyone for their comments. You guys made some really good points. I'm not sure why I started calling around to the service centers. I guess I was just curious if the lifetime warranty was the real thing or not. All of the places that I called did say that Ridgid will live up to their warranties, which is good. However, they also stated that it takes around 7-10 days to get parts from Ridgid, not including the repair time. So I guess if you have the time and luxury to drop off your tools and wait, if may be worth while.