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MS1290LZ Adjustments

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  • MS1290LZ Adjustments

    I have has this 12" CSMS for about 3 years now and I'm just recalibrating it and I've noticed that the whole blade isn't sliding parallel. Even if I adjust the fence square to the blade when the blade is pushed in it's about 1/8" out when I pull the blade out and vice versa. I've tried adjusting the set screws on the rails, but the amount i need to adjust them, it just locks the rails in place. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: MS1290LZ Adjustments

    Did you use the guide? If you did then you may want to have a l@@k at this thread ->
    Doesn't sound too good...

    If you don't have the guide you can grab it here.
    Have a l@@k at pages 17, 18 maybe that will help.

    Good Luck - Jim
    Cheers! - Jim
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      Re: MS1290LZ Adjustments


      This is exactly my problem, sounds like I have a POS saw, not sure what to do with it now. Maybe try talking to ridgid again about it, but so far they have been useless.