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Home Depot doing a huge disservice to Ridgid.

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  • Home Depot doing a huge disservice to Ridgid.

    At the local HD in Pontiac they have no MaxSelect tools on display. When I asked the salesman he said Ridgid had discontinued their 24V tools. When I showed him the drill/saw set he said they had a "one or two" left. When I asked about MaxSelect tools he said I must be thinking about Ryobi...."Ridgid doesn't sell individual tools." When I told him they had HUGE displays of MaxSelect tools at Christmas he said "No we didn't." This is a guy I've seen working at the store for years. When I said they were on the website he said..."Might be...but we've never sold them in the store." I looked around some more and stumbled onto the MaxSelect Portable Shop Vac. Ridgid might as well back their trucks up to a dumpster, as try to sell them at this store.

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    Re: Home Depot doing a huge disservice to Ridgid.

    Well, it would appear that your store needs to be paid a visit from Ridgid. In the two stores in Georgia that I'm aware of, Augusta still has display items on the raised platform, and they have an endcap devoted to all of the Ridgid cordless tools, plus they have the cordless tools mixed in with all of the other cordless display models from DeWalt etc. The Cumming, GA store has gone to the placards for the big tools, and an inclusion of Ridgid cordless with the other cordless options. I'm sticking with my Augusta HD thank you. They still had two of the R932 combo kits left last week.