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opinions of the r250sfa 16ga finish nailer

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  • opinions of the r250sfa 16ga finish nailer

    I searched this site and there are really not many current posts regarding this nailer.

    My Harbor Freight 16ga nailer has finally bit the dust, after 8 years!

    I like the look of this ridgid nailer

    I'm interested on users opinions regarding its weight, balance, ease of loading and any idiosyncrasies it may have?

    I'll likely pick one up this week

    Cactus Man's 90 and sunny in Glendale! it's starting to warm up and so we will have those triple digit snow shovel needed here!
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    Re: opinions of the r250sfa 16ga finish nailer

    Hey cactus,

    I just got the fn and bn with the 9volt pivot driver combo this weekend. I will be using them quite a bit this week on a screwed up job I was given. I've only used the driver so far and it far exceeded my expectations. But to your original question, if there are any specific things you want me to pay attention to while I give the fn it's first run I'd be happy to, otherwise I'll just pay attention and report back.

    BTW I did see a lot of raves about this gun and the brad gun in the thread titled "fantastic ridgid deals" but in the context of the whole kit I just bought. I also own the ridgid staple gun and if these are on the same level they are nice. AND I did see one person who was disappointed with the plastic closure on the gun breaking after very little use as well. I'm hoping it was just a lemon and not a flaw though.
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      Re: opinions of the r250sfa 16ga finish nailer

      Well, I stopped by the local Home sad..the salesman as he wanted to be called, knew absolutely nothing of the product! He could not even answer a question regarding what fasteners to buy for the tool! The display was in bad shape, as what could be stripped from it was! The actual tool was up in the rafters and I could not just get one off the shelf and go. He climbed up the ladder and grabbed a box for me.

      He was more interested in blabbing Spanish to a fellow asking about a rubber mallet than speak english with me! It's really awful here in Arizona with this stuff! Oh, and he had his paper plate with dinner stashed behind the saws!!! I thought they had a break room for that! It smelled awful!!!!

      The nailer is lightweight. I expected to be heavier but it's about 3 1/2 lbs. The feel and balance seems to be good. I'm left handed and it seems to be ambidextrous in design.

      When I returned home, I loaded some 2 1/2" finish nails and tested the gun. I really like the range this nailer offers, from 3/4 to 2 1/2" 16ga.

      loading was smooth, firing was good, but there seems to be some bounce. I compare this to my Harbor freight 16ga nailer.

      To be fair I need to experiment with the air pressure setting. I think I was set at 90psi. The specs say 70-120psa so I'm in the middle. My air supply has plenty of oomph so that is not an issue.

      I played with the depth adjustment..this may be a weak area...or just poorly explained. From one extreme to another, I counted ten or eleven clicks. I suspect each click is for a different size fastener, but the manual just tells you to fire some test nails and adjust both the air supply and depth drive selector until you find the depth you want.

      At the minimal depth with a 2 1/2" nail I think it ended up just shy of 3/32 above the board. At the max depth it was around 1/64 below the wood.

      I do need to use the gun more and on some real projects to really critique it properly. But for now I'm very positive about it.

      NOW..let's discuss the warranty registration process...could it be more difficult? The mail in card does not mention the lifetime service. The store has no posted information, at least the one I was at did not.

      A salesgirl! yep a female, stopped me and spent 5 minutes in the middle of the aisle telling me about the registration and the need to do it on line etc. Sadly I did not qualify for any discounts. She shrugged her shoulders and apologized for that but was excited about the lifetime service registration and told me to ask for a second receipt so I can mail it in.

      So I registered the thing on this site. too bad you just can't reference the UPC code and sales receipt control number...
      Anyway I'll get the paperwork together, photocopy all and send it in.
      Have you noticed the enclosed warranty card is sent to Denver Co. and the lifetime service agreement is sent to Anderson, NC...what's that all about?

      Finally one weak design area..and that's the blown plastic tool case. They should make it a bit thinner for easier storage and perhaps a bit shorter to fit on a 12" high shelf. They should also make more internal space to allow you to carry additional fasteners. There is a lot of molded form wasted space.

      I have the same comment regarding some of their other blown tool cases.

      Well there is a long winded reply...

      Cactus Man
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        Re: opinions of the r250sfa 16ga finish nailer

        Regarding the on-line registration and sending in the necessary stuff to get the LLSA:

        After you do your E-Box registration, a identification number is assigned to you and a registration number is assigned to the particular tool you have registered. While neither of these is required, I always provide those with my mail-in registration. Basically I type up a sheet with my name, address, phone number, E-Box ID #, and the registration #, model and serial number of the particular tool.

        I then attach a copy of the receipt, and tape the original UPC that you need to cut from the product box. I then copy everything for my own records, just in case they claim that it is lost!

        That may sound a bit "anal", but I figure better too much information than too little. After a dozen or so tools registered, I haven't had one lost yet or screwed up yet.

        BTW, Home Depot register receipts are infamous for fading to nothing after a few months (they use thermal paper). Make sure you make a copy or two for your records.

        I hope this helps,



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          Re: opinions of the r250sfa 16ga finish nailer

          Today was my first "real application" of the R250sfa finish nailer.
          Prior I just nailed stuff to get the feel.
          Today I built a doggie toy box using 1x4 pine and the bottom is 1/2 birch plywood.

          The nailer was very comfortable even in tight positions. I used 2" and 1" brads. Aiming the exact spot is a bit different than my old nailer, but I like the way this one works.. No misfires, no blow by etc.

          Bottom line, I am very pleased with this tool.

          Cactus Man


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            Re: opinions of the r250sfa 16ga finish nailer

            cactusman, any reason why you did not get another Harbor Freight? After all it worked for 8 yrs. Do you think the new one is worth the extra money?


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              Re: opinions of the r250sfa 16ga finish nailer

              I used to drive a Chevy, now I drive a Dodge. I used to drink 8-O'clock coffee, now I drink Jamaican Blue Mountain, I used to wear a sport coat and tie every day, now I wear a black "T-shirt" with a pocket!

              Same reason for going from Harbor Freight to Ridgid, simply time for a change and try something different.

              Seriously, The Harbor Freight nailer worked just fine and you are correct for 1/3 the price I could have purchased another Harbor freight finish nailer.

              A key factor in going with the ridgid was weight, and range of finish brad/nails it can use. The Harbor Freight nailer I had was a bit limited.

              The ridgid also seems to fire better and not leave dimples as the Harbor Freight did.

              Now you may ask why not Porter Cable or even Craftsman? well I just liked the look and feel of the ridgid, it's warranty, and that stupid cute carrying hook.

              Cactus Man


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                Re: opinions of the r250sfa 16ga finish nailer

                Cactus Man,

                I liked your response. Sometimes change is good.

                Often when faced with the question of why did I buy this or that, rather than another brand or model, about the only answer I can give is, "It spoke to me!"