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ZCTI for TS3650

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  • ZCTI for TS3650

    Has anybody used this?,41080,51225 I just set mine up and it did not go so well. The blade rubs slightly on the left hand side in a couple of places. So opinions are needed.

    1. I could try adjusting the blade to the right with the trunions but with my regular throat plate the blade is 1/8" from the left as per the manual (and square to the miter slots)

    2. I could add a blade stiffener or such to shim the blade to the left.

    3. I could file down the left hand side of the insert plate, it doesn't need much.

    4. Being that I got it from Lee Valley I could just return it but I like the idea of this ZCTI. I don't think it's the insert, looks like an extremley well made piece of kit. The instructions say that due to the ever changing castings of the different table saws that adjutment would be needed. I'm all adjusted out.

    Hopefully somebody has run into this before or just has a opinion.

    Thanks for your help, Daryl